It All Becomes Well

Like a beautiful tear drop, everything falls and disappears. Leaves, as something ephemeral and melancholy, change their colors by its season. Age makes one gracious and fair, more intelligent, full of wise counsel. Nothing earthly is assured, for all things have their timing.

I once read from this quote:

True happiness comes from a deep sense of confidence that your life is your own and that you can be happy without the need to comply with other people’s standards.

In so far, society has a pocketful of ideals and comparisons to lure the everyday person– from expectations of beauty, status, career, wealth, events and other worldly occupations. Many are left bewildered which product to choose, media to follow, advise to adhere on.

The inner self is often overlooked. The mass populace always gives illusions on whatever goes on outside in society. Few recognize their self-worth, looking to others for approval and distinction. Most attach themselves to people, thinking it will gain them more confidence.

What does it mean when you are lost? It means, you can only find values within yourself. It means, you are searching towards something. It means, you stand by your side and walk this path to your own living. In correspondence to your well-being, spirituality, emotional health and perhaps, financial independence.

Looking inwards is a difficult task. At one point in life one can find himself on a crossroad, where he has to make either the worst or the biggest decision of his life to carry on. Yes, he is alone. And yes, there will be many more trials in navigating what is to come. But as one looks on, travels the road and finds success while maintaining one’s values, one’s journey, then won’t it become an interesting, truly beautiful path?

In this world of pain and sorrow, it is difficult to uphold a certain form of discipline in one’s character, thoughts and actions. Many fight with the intention to uphold one’s pride. A number looks on, hoping to become respected.

As circumstances good or bad, come and go, leaves us in pieces or rather, change us, what matters in the end is how we react on our nature. Time has passed and left us with scars, more maturity, wisdom and integrity.

For all the bad, please look into the good. You are not your circumstances. Mostly, you are not where you are from, or where you are born. It doesn’t matter. As long as you have values, you will go far. Abandon the doubts and self-pity, walk this life with all strength and might. See how your character and the good you uphold each day will make you far. Do not lean on the past. Smile, live in the present and have faith in all good things yet to come.



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