Mess life


My current life still aint fixed. The stress of the holiday season is making me more restless and sleep deprived. With the coming of the new year, I still get no clue as to how the year after this would turn over.

Likewise good news I was able to give my brothers decent presents! Am happy to have gone to the mall via bus with enough visible injuries to say the least about going in the extra mile for some holiday cheer.

Our beagle at home still whines constantly about being locked up.. It’s quite saddening to have gone home last year looking at this new pup.

Good feelings aside, I still don’t know what to wish for this Christmas. Oh Santa baby, please sing me to sleep! My beloved sheets take me home…

On the otherside, I noticed I have been pretty generous lately. My brother told me I gave too much fare to the pedicab driver because I was amuse how hardworking he was. I always get by observing persevering people. It is an admirable trait. Really seriously.

To rock the season, can I say how I have not been eating properly???

Like, really!

It’s been years since I last had an adventure, hoping for one that is non-life threating if you ask me..


To close, I just want to say how life will always surprise you. In the ups and downs or the tumultuous drive it may take us, there are those times where we either keep our head up or continue on being ourselves.