Last night

I dreamed of climbing trees with a boy.


Crossing the threshold,

                Both hands hung on.

There is no going back to the bruises and stronghold of trees to climb and memories that hung by . . Till next timeimg_20170227_173131


Oasis is the new art .

Pass the time i used to chill and stare at artworks and image or porcelain figurines such as Disney prinesses in exotic forms and costume or lady killers like harley quinn or dance sculptures that twirl and make u go ‘oomph .


So lately there has been this beguiling notion on my part like will i still find my best friend, or why does our beagle seem to be too inattentive in his dog years

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Midnight hours

Fast forward life.

“Where do you see yourself in five years ” has been a roundabout question I have been evading and constantly contemplating the past years

Since I turned 22 , life has gone aflame with problems and worry endless supply of gloom and misfortune

Fortunately on a bright note I got “adopted ” in Taiwan and was offered a three year teaching assistant


Lord knows the struggles I faced

Dropped in a foreign fantasy land elsewhere thinking I could

Dance my way into employment streets and subways. .

Now onto the future

What my life has been since quitting said job

And only finishing my spontaneous paid underrated English summer camp experience internship

Fast forward to tomorrow


Here I was back in manila dreary and helpless with no money yet again

Who knew I could survive

But backlashing the past

Never did I know my rents would dare confine me to an institution

with Half my consent

Such ass-filled days but I learned ripe the most darn sure

Life is worth the gold we seek


It is up to us to make it brighter

And more beautiful of course


* cheers to all who have been struggling lately

*love u all lots


xx (*´∇`*)