The High Road


What truly fears us the most is losing the people whom we love.

Gurl hood .  . . .

Listening to Missy Elliot’s ” I’m Better ” totally ripped off whatever has been trippin’ some sh*t lately . High strung af, I found myself needing therapy again in the form of music, unable to sleep.


So what has been caught up with me lately? Been youtube-ing since yesterday, that is what makes me happy most days .

It has been real cold here in Manila. No wonder the deluge of broken hearts fill the population anywhere. So much for v-day. Being outside can be tiresome.

\(-ㅂ-)/ ♥ ♥ ♥

So anyway, frantic as ever I have been in reminiscing the mistakes I have made, the fears I have yet to conquer and the reality  I’ve been facing, my own self has betrayed me by leaving hints of memory difficult to undo.

In just seconds, anything can change .


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