Some days I am awake other days i am not. How sure are you that you know what is real

When lies are masked underneath fiction and reality ? How sure are u?

What can u do about people u cannot depend forever,

Those whom you know but dont. #WHY


If you could see me

If I could go back in time to when there was a glimpse of youth and hope


I cling to those days where college was my only problem and things like unemployment, missed friendship and broken hearts were not a thing

To all young people out there I hope you find a family too like find people who care about you and truly do ask you if youre okay or do you need some time

To think about your life future or shit like that so dont rush or worry it aint happenin. Trust your loves and no giving up for chances and going up dreams

The High Road


What truly fears us the most is losing the people whom we love.

Gurl hood .  . . .

Listening to Missy Elliot’s ” I’m Better ” totally ripped off whatever has been trippin’ some sh*t lately . High strung af, I found myself needing therapy again in the form of music, unable to sleep.


So what has been caught up with me lately? Been youtube-ing since yesterday, that is what makes me happy most days .

It has been real cold here in Manila. No wonder the deluge of broken hearts fill the population anywhere. So much for v-day. Being outside can be tiresome.

\(-ㅂ-)/ ♥ ♥ ♥

So anyway, frantic as ever I have been in reminiscing the mistakes I have made, the fears I have yet to conquer and the reality  I’ve been facing, my own self has betrayed me by leaving hints of memory difficult to undo.

In just seconds, anything can change .

Underrated hearts


Most times I don’t completely understand what’s going on inside my heart and/or mind. That’s mainly why I have acquired a profound trust and respect for people who are sure of themselves. I mean, how do you know what you’re doing is really right?

What screams inside you- your head or your heart?


Often I tend to confuse the two, being the stubborn Taurean that I am.

Whenever things go wrong, I usually am stubborn enough to go with my heart. Rather than my head. This complicates certain matters as worlds collide and reality gets exploded.


In turn, I manifest in being a follower of the heart because this becomes the guide your soul more of directs you.


To cut it short, your heart already knows . . the Truth and what to do .


As a sensitive and highly emotional introvert, I tend to place my intuition on everything ; rely on my own feelings to assess the situation. From consequence this works, as I tend to avoid people and situations highly wrong for me, or gives me the bad signs  .

To reconsider and largely reforget, I try to look past the negativity by focusing on medication through meditation and spiritual ascension.

images (26).jpg

The world, or the universe rather, has expanse in our soul.

We carry it through the pumping of blood in our hearts, the type of disposition we possess deep within.

Through knowing the Truth, it can reveal what knowledge and replace the space of emptiness or confusion  .


More pain concludes more patience in suffering. Truly, when we are most alone do we feel what is right or wrong in our thoughts and awakened dreams.



Profusely in such experience, one can distinguish the real from the unreal.

My deepest dream and wish is to let go of people I cannot tolerate and deal with, inhale positivity and grow from the outside

, bloom inside on a very deep level of pain .

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When life stops, it is only beginning.

To anyone reading this, never give up on your journey.

Keep believing and hoping about amazing things , moments and people that can happen

Don’t stop for people who are not worth it, love and love more than you can give

Life is so terribly short . Stay classy

images (1).jpg

Stay warm this Valentines Day .

Hearing me breathe.

Anything is possible                                         Raindrops cleanse        the easing calm       I need     to get away      from             my past my problems worries  fear anxiety  my need for space

Carves the inner sanctuary i seek to uproot and stay for on





Boys will be boys ,                                             Silly little white lies

Oh why, don’t dither to impress .               There aren’t any more damsels

In distress ;

Silly fine silhouettes!                                       Dizzyfying the inner girl in me.

Goodbye my lover                  : till we meet again. . .  🌾