I only realised lately people do change after they got dumped by someone. Not just a love relationship, but relatives and friends too who are too close for our safety, those near within reach. Likewise many are comfortable until they really experience a time where their hearts become shattered to pieces and broken only to be mended again like before.

Nothing is as the same as it where. It feels like the air we breathe in turned into a manhole where reality ate you up and otherwise your person showed up floating upon dead space. Needless to say, sometimes we pin ourselves to people we thought would be there all the time, when we have our issues and problems in life they were always there. But the backhand of life surprises us that in worst situations no luck can ever be found, it is our own shadow that would be our guide in dumbfounded events and moments we ourselves would never know we could survive.

Through all the pieces you have been through, picked yourself up plenty and said to yourself you are still you, I applaud the self-worth and determination you got despite the world turning over and exploding apart, you know there is more than meets the eye.

You’ve been there, caught the storm and now you are chasing rainbows.


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