Good day x

Hello loves. I am writing this now in my room at a hostel in makati.

I just want to say how in life everything drifts and goes away ,you gotta find out whats important to you

And live every moment of it.

Sorry to sound too cheesy, but as eclectic as my days are I always find time to conquer the right moments whenever life drags by like a blur

Today I ate my dinner alone in a Chinese restaurant off Makati ave. The waitress was so kind and my meal elegant and pompous

I cannot be more prouder and poise to say my Chinese heritage is an earthly riches hopes lives dares to dream like a black dragon emperor

So anyway as my timidity strikes and

I dare skip work anyway on my birthday and go along streets like a passerby on the road,

A gypsy looking for answers –

To places and things I’ve found, met and never met. To questions that frequently surround my noisy, empty head

To music I’d never play because bandmates are not found

To fashion stores I dare beg to have,

To friends you simply cannot buy –

People worth more than gold is what their character makes more than money or effort alone  .

To alice searching for rabbit holes and locker doors

To sketchy dark places, massages and reggae bars – to quaint quiet

Streets, beggars and vendors selling on the roads


To all of you reading this.



Wisteria lane- so lately I am done being nice to people who apparently cannot be


It is rare occurence for me to post a photo – but

Here goes ? Today I felt like I was in a scene of Wild Child where Emma Roberts as Poppy gets a makeover and turns her hair red

See I wanted that kind of usual setting

…imaginary, I know

But guess what, I wanted a hair colour since I was like, 19? Now I am turning 25 in two days

Maybes are no more

Time to try security in Newer things ya know ??

$ growing up

-So veryhard



Ps imagine if I get red hair