Closed flowers

Whilst June may be quite over for most of us, It has given me plenty sentiments like having doubts and confusion about the present. To lost a lot of heart is a bad deal, but to gain love and light is all we ever search for.

  • I have no family. Yes enough.
  • I have no money. Where and how.
  • No boyfriend HAHAHAHA
  • Too vulnerable and open to people. Too trusting, humane or uhm sensitive? Hmm .
  • Don’t agree with my $ — job .

Fragile and broken

Hello readers, I just want to thank you for subscribing to my blog! I am very grateful through fate and hope , I am able to start this blog last 2015

Since I came home from work abroad, a very turbulent postgraduate mess indeed.

I am still in disbelief I acquired 336 total likes and 37 follows!

This is all for you. Thank you for the journey. Quite a personal post, but yeah thanks.