Hi loves.

I dunno why you let people touch your stuff. Not just people. Commoners. I dunno why.

I am so sad and nostalgic these days. I miss my boss and my life in Ayala.

I dunno what path is there for me.

At least, I have real friends

And people who truly care.

Kaya hayaan mo na family mo,

Lakarin mo nalang landas mo.

Wala ka na rin naman mababago.

Grew up from the ground.

Still in the ground.

Why kaya


Holly Hills


Dear shebangerz

Is the world fucking ending??

images (19).jpeg


I don’t fuckin


Who I am




It’s like I did everything for sales.

Got dumped

Got caught plenty times.


I even chased after my enemies

Like high school bullies

Or my kind aunt whom might not like me or something

I am doing everything.

To my moms bestie whom she ranted off all my goddamn flaws

To clients who make you hope again

Feels like Im going on a birthday suit and drinking my espresso having no gun to shoot myself.

Cheers to staying in sales.