Growth recently

Becoming a conscientious woman of society is no biggie, being a street hype is~ born in Manila, This being has no clue of where she would fit in.

As clustered enclaves of doom and perish beholded her peril. She found this nonchalance a great


She tried to write one time at a time, but her heart begged

A million times, sad coronations


When school brought you to life.

When parents failed.


So long, Ortigas

I have always been a good girl, although potentially i thrived out of editing research papers and getting 100 in my legit nice papers

Rarely did anyone

In my biological so selecter family that i was chosen or fulfilled.

My life has a way of escapades and emotions,

My tears have shed millions diamonds sold but not broken.

I live in a territory of constant restraint, farce and judgment.

People always think the best is yet to come, what u see is whqt u get

Xx Sher

Mop to the top

Life is good.

If people cqnt be nice to u  be the kind person, if people think ur someone hu is not capable of love

Stay away

100Today afte r years of debating 

On whether i git out if mah condo.

I finally

Got out! 

…Will always pride myself as a soaring fly without limists eagle where everything at stake revolves around but nothing is against me.

I got the power to trump the forces that filled me up with so much emptiness, drained energy, identity loss, crises, trauma etc