Tie ere d


You just know when you have written the stars already but it begs to be rewritten. I often crave for stability but people will never see my persistent desire to free myself from the shackles of society, unmended but unbent and unbroken

Jk Rowling did not became an author if she had not faced and of her demons unfazed and conpletely fought for her rights.

In this real world, nobody gives a shit where you came from, what your mission here is, what your intent lies.

All they care about is what they get from the situation

I realised how, if ever we got our constants to have our backs then we would never beg for us to become prone to self reliance.

Our intelligent and wit is our greatest enemy and weapon.

If we let society mule and control us, we would be killing our self joy and pride.

Ego drives us to the goal, but patience is the key to our happiness behind the lenses of oppresion and belligerent suffering.



Achilles heel.


I will never forget this day I got hold up by the world and felt compromised in a way that I mirrored myself through reflections and thoughts and analyzed them and finally figured out how people easily see through me and I reframed my mind and weakness to the point it was becoming a struggle to become myself since I don’t know if I should change and play the games of this wild world or stay true to who I am where the lotus in me broke and that inner child died and was replaced by a bloody version eager to prey on others as to which my journey continues on how do I handle problems like a monkey, an adult, or a lion.


Will I keep on this game and continue it like an adult and be influenced by the deadly world, or do I retreat in my sanctuary and still be myself, listen to the still, small voice and wait.

For change to come

Where is my million

Why do I have to endure bloodshot eyes and bloodshed and recognize the lack of validity love structure support spine in my family…the root cause of evil, the main reason I got shookt and taken by societal norms and dunno whether to conform and fight for myself or face moral obligation as a mere mortal and surrender everything to God.


Only He knows my true worth and struggle


Please pray for me.


Am I done in sales or is life truly just a matter of playing hide and seek

Of deceit and figures

Disillusionment and illusion

Will I throw away my sanity and literature world to this futile collaborative, destructive world of mortal combat

Or take everything literally and lose my world of literature, adventure, sense, being, time, philosophy, moral values, my distinction of right and wrong.

When does this life end?…when will my suffering end

I figured I should just put a stop to sales. I have harbored enough hatred and disfigured negativity and am tired of playing poker cards chess horsemanship when they cannot even back me up

So much for you,

Ayala Land Premier

What brand

Ortigas & Company

Love the brand, hate the people culture and bigotry and hurt they piled up inside my heart and made me a human monster

-how not to be influenced by others, become a noncomformist

When you were born a fucked up leader and born to stand out in a world of lies continuing to hurt and manipulate you?!


Forever my friend and constant enemy

Sobrang hirap mamuhay pag nagiba values mo.

Kahit manalo ka, tibay parin ang lakas na alam mo nasa lugar ka

And hindi ka ever vinulgar nang mundo, ibang tao, impuwensiya at iba pa


So much for society

I have killed myself and reborn myself a million years for sales

Trumped persistence and trumped everything over and over again

Kneeled and bowed down to my own biological parents, who shookted me into the world, constantly apologized for people who will never understand me and see my worth.


Thanks to the people who truly supported me

Ms Dior and Boss Gad

I always struck by Alveo because of the bosses

They were my three kings

I was the constant

That was my world in the past

Now I think exiting sales after a day of training in Ayala Land Premier should be worth it

Never regret a day in your life

Bad days always give you experience and a fresh take on your self

Never compromise the flesh and the world and be eaten by it

This is not Venom, this is the real world


I will never compromise my character over people who treat me like a puppeteer when I used to be a puppet to society


Yours truly,

The everlasting iconoclast


Do I believe in hardship and suffering!??


Never since I was a born strong woman and have felt the gravity in this world.


I am constantly growing, learning, achieving


I might be stuck now but there always is tomorrow

trump card

So today, I thought I just will not become myself again, or be myself again.

The choices you make define you, see if you pick career and health but end up drowning in stress or loneliness then what is the point, the entirety of the energy you are giving out to the world.

Most peoples take from you, rarely think about themselves as these are the common many, it sure is hard to deal with them on the surface.

But you know deep inside you know your self, what you stood and stand for, and your own net worth.

Only the universe can offer you the best, so choose wisely.


Rich in God.

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2019 – so lately i have been feeling so much noise, but have keep my inner spirit clean from the noiselessness of the world i have, cut my ties from people who barely cared 

I rarely feel ice nowadays but am clinging onto my icebreak sale

Lately there has been so much grievance over my sales life that my content mainly gravitated

Towards the bullshit of it all , if you know what I mean: so maybe I lost sum readers but

Will keep the fight to make this blog bloom 💖


In all fairness and honesty

I get easily distracted by happenings like steel feelings moaning over me

Like um

Curbing me to chill ya know

If I got the life , meaning the money I’d go for a bad boy who only wants me and is good at tech and shit and knows his goals really well,

Has philosophy and is unafraid to fight for his dream and loved ones


Recently I have philosophized how working in a nutshell is hard and will and can make you go nuts


Speak of the devil my workmates in Ortigas were all very lovely with their circus piggery attitude and their high regard for illuminati and their lovely boss who calls his team mate “stupid”

Never have I ever cried so hard in this crappy dinosaur restaurant eating paella like shit and ordering a Bicol express Filipino food worth a diamond care of remembering my former boss

I grow so fond



I realised he doesn’t give a damn about me anymore

Since all he thinks

Is im this damsel pabebe alienated family heavy emo girl na nagyayabang mag Atenista #char


So what kung wala akong pamilya jowa kaibigan best pren or like normal na buhay



Natuklasan ko na maigi nang tumira muna magisa para makilala lalo ang sarili

Like u know im super duper proud

I navigated Taiwan, the suburbs and the city itself all on my own at my early 20s

At 22 I was a variety of obesed culture shock edition where my main shelter was Eslite bookstore

24 hours ito and tambayan ko lagi

Tapos I always buy them german beers and roam around like a lost girl

Super saya maging malaya

Minsan wish ko nagkajowa ako pero ok lang kasi inggitera ako super haha

I have confessed feelings for two guys sa alveo not worthy of me este di sila guwapo and all pero mabait

Kaso lang marealise ko na di ko dapat yun ginawa kasi wala naman ako nun sa sarili kakalungkot na ginawa ko yun pero diba we always grow naman to become better versions of ourselves

Basta this 2019 pagpapasensiyahan ko na may attachments pa ko sa nakaraan, na di ako makapag aral nang fashion or writing or german

Na kahit na lola na tingin sakin never ako mag padala lagi sa mga tanders na yan

Cool kid parin tapos swag queen , sasaya parin ako sa pain ko

At naniniwala ako sa mga taong di ako nalimutan at parati akong tinutulungan

I have no time frame actually

Sunod lang ako sa galaw nang mundo

Kahit emotionally abused kid ako and adolescent noon gusto ko kind magara sikat jk magaling and graceful lady naman ako ngayon sa adulthood ko.

Ayoko ma mmk story ko

Pero someday bay may balak ako sana to write an autobiography: a memoir

Sakin lang sapat na na nakita ko yung dalawang may crush sakin sa college nun nung 2017 and 2018

Lam ko may jowa naman sila kaya oks lang

Never assuming

Be graceful and grateful

Sawa na rin ako mag muni muni

Tuloy lang ang segunda mano

Yung orasan palage lang yan nandiyan

Basta one step closer sa pangarap

Kahit anung hirap may ginhawa din

Proud of u Sherry

My greatest ambition

Is to be happy

😇💙👆many thanks readers from all over the world: rome was not built in a day or two , it was built with wings grit and determination

Never give up

Dami mo pa challenges she

Wish ko sana magka anak sa near future, have my clothing store and protection palagi kay Lord

At patawarin niya ko sa lahat nang hurt ko, kasi mahirap walang nakikitang constant eh .

Nalearn ko na di ako maghahanap nang any relationship sa coworkers ko-at never be manipulated by anything.

Saludo ako sa mga mamamayang naniniwala pa at naaalala pa ko

With love always and fearlessness

Stay kind, be golden face the present

Choose your battles


So today i woke up very early, 730 am and I saw my tiara when I came to circuit mall again to buy some food and other essentials

I started by bazinga going to shopwise vito cruz since the tricycle fare was only 30 bucks yo going there and like I literally wanted and wished I would have a clothes rack and viola! A kuya found me and he even suggested there was a gray alternative to the black colour and happily assembled it for me! Yay!

Starting 2019 I choose to be positive no matter what and accept all my disasters and negative situations.

I always consider the miles away I had gone thru and looking back is definitely not the answer

I would love to make resolutions so here we go!

1 buy a third phone …yes yes yes

2 spend only on what i need…

3 beautify my room way too much that it declutters itself and can be a symbol of hope strength courage and peace

4 be an inspiration to other people

5 basically be empathic and choose joy, always be kind and respectful most especially grateful

6 leave past behind

7 earn earn hustle hustle

8 be a quick decision maker

9 stop crossing oceans for people who would only cross a puddle for you

10 make you a priority

Thanks 128 followers

11 have 200 followers by Dec 2019

12 back to 138 pounds

13 travel once by myself this year

14 forget ive never been in a relationship before

15 minus the shopping, ukay is lyfer

16 prettify is there is the time

17 away from narcissistic people and idiots, fools

18 be wise and have courage

19 always pray

20 don’t panic chill lang

21 sana mahanap ko na tropa ko, if not ok lang

22 lose the baggage

23 clean room is next to godliness

24 impress yourself not others

25 compete with yourself not others

Forgive people, darling

26 parin ako

So yey

F*ck the people and plans who wouldn’t choose me

…forever 21 nbsb pero love hard

Balang araw




My cards, emo class

Disasterrific books babies

No more alcohol stay true

Your dream angel, work ,

My clearance and peace

My justice and intelligence, my silence

Words kill



Disguised fears

I came to fight and claim

The win …nasan na clearance ko

Salamat sa lahat nang nag paantay sakin at iniwan ako images.jpeg-119