Milan Kundera.

The Unbearable Lightness Of Being


 Hey existing Followers.

Did you know that, being nice gets you to nowhere.

My advice is,

Stop apologizing to people whom hurt you first. Do not ever ever, treat people kindly just because that was your entire philosophy, or rather-

You just have a heart (aww).

Trust me, via my experience since school days thrust me the obligation to be

A loner.

Not only in school, but growing up in my early years,

In the family too.

So do not sellout.

Never devalue.

Always promote your worth.

Fuck the police, the wannabe’s, the assholes.

Water yourself with care.



Have u ever

had an experience

when u

Tried to save somebody


but that


ended up blocking u


to me even though my social stat

is a

obvious lonerista

Here are my thoughts

world peace and global domination

You can’t be right all the time


love people who love you back


The rest,

is just dead, shit scareless



Dear loves


As I write this now I am shaking  in despair –

I never expected people have limitations that







a big terrifying thank you

to you


77 follows was not something


I ever expected


I realised this blog is my home,

my Only home

From the terrible and heartbreakin


“outside world”

The people who will judge you for your social status

Use you for their benefit

Abuse your kindness as weakness

Not being humble enough to forgive you when you say sorry

And you barely or like

Dont even know what they are mad about you for


Always take aim

Take heart



Always see that your soul is very deeply enchanted and full of purity


Beautiful soul.

Never fade nor falter

Love you all


Hello world

Sherry here

I always wished I can be as pretty as Nam from that Thai movie

Beauty is on the inside

Our life will not be short if we fill it with meaningful moments

And live it

I also read a book

Humility is seeing less of ourselves and more about


It is recognizing that we as human beings

Begin to understand others

And put them on our shoe

That even though

they ignore us on our b-day,

Berate us on somebody they like

Fight us like we did something wrong,

We still stand up

Anybody out there left behind,

I will hold your hand

Loves and light

Sherry mae chan 💘👊💞💜