Self titled

Sherry has her own fair share of weaknesses in the real world …

This includes 1 getting lost in her train of thoughts 2 being too pure 3 used to be emotional 4 labeled as emo 5 sugod …fight or flight 6 passive aggressive behaviour 7 the never die attitude 8 being selfish to people 9 focusing on self ambition 10 seeking recognition and respect

In retrospect I have studied my entire life. Although I was say, shy or timid, the silent deadly type my oft chattery peers in elementary to high school peers were saying, I was the illustrado. The loner ~the one always alone during reccess and mute enough not to speak blink 182 or say, utter any single word

Coming from a turbulent past, I have strictly gone from a school home environment where I felt protected and secured from the nasty eyes of the mean girls ala clique school of fish.

I was the very broken one who had eyeglasses, overweight size and the tall one second to the back.

I found high school devastating and filled with idle unused time for simply, studying. Or in my case, getting good grades.

I was so good at writing to the point that when I get a hundred to my score, those people draw near to me and say, hey you are not supposed to get that score.

Self doubt breeded the moment they labelled me as the angst shy antisocial fool who knew guitar by 15 and played piano by 5

I always wanted to dance though, so naturally by the time I finished high school and an elementary of postman pat I became satisfied enough dancing at our Christmas party, nevermind the fact I was heavily bullied in China at 13 prior to my Avril Lavigne concert at shady 11

My childhood consists of animé and rebellion

My parents, or my mom, would give me money whenever I get good grades.

That was how they taught me money was something to be earned through their way, standards thereof

Moving back to college, I slowly formed an enigma to my overshadowing elementary past …I was a happy child scared of Jollibee from inception to 6 years old.

At seven they curled my hair nastily and I had some stupid party I didn’t like.

In school I always was the one seated in front and always gotten into trouble with my highly ambitious mouth.

I would talk to my seatmates and then teacher would hit me with a chalk or an eraser from the blackboard.

My schoolmates named Regina and Martin would always giddily talk with me regarding Barney the dinosaur and we would all be happy

By elementary around 9 years old, after my operation at 8, having dual kidney incisions and a kidney failure slash dialysis, I found myself starting a trend inside the classroom writing letters with drawings on pad papers to pass the time and set the culture

Now as an adult I realized no matter how much people looked down on me during high school for being so timid and rock n roll, quiet and never trying to fit in

I realized in the real world of society where do I really find my place

In college I was the most liberal I had been and most generously hearted

Inspite of all my pain and troubles at home I managed to take up three courses and a double minor at the end of my hotshot teenage slash going adulting age.

There I found a cheerful girl attached to her parents while leaving home to stay at the school dorm by 17

When I turned 18 all my insecurities fade and I became the social butterfly

I was super into clothes as I was when I was 15 but in another level that I brought fashion onto life by that age.

18 was just a number but for me it is an age of self, a time, a blast.

I was dressing up all the time, started to wear contact lenses

And became gurly af

So by the time I hit 19, I was this really graphic girl that drew and slept in class and was the teachers favourite in asking recitation time, which I was often caught offguard and sluggish

Kidding around, my voice was still as timid as it could be but I started to write songs and played my guitar like a real good artist

I also auditioned to Blue Symphony and got in

I always danced by the dorms so I was having fun all the time school was boring.

Then around 18 I auditioned twice for CADS, an elitist dance org for people who enjoy street dancing

Got rejected but I found a friend with a girl who got rejected too and auditioned twice too but she got featured in Showtime at ABS CBN

Wow right! Good actually

You know, I feel like we are the mastermind of our own thoughts

I write these to acknowledge everything I did, since I forget everything for awhile and go distant sometimes


Like I need space or am not ready to confront others.

I am the type who truly believe life is a chain of magical moments

I am a Keeper.




…it is up to us to find balance inside the forcedd40b5e797c2b2ed96d9d95f0803f4bd


Choose your battles


So today i woke up very early, 730 am and I saw my tiara when I came to circuit mall again to buy some food and other essentials

I started by bazinga going to shopwise vito cruz since the tricycle fare was only 30 bucks yo going there and like I literally wanted and wished I would have a clothes rack and viola! A kuya found me and he even suggested there was a gray alternative to the black colour and happily assembled it for me! Yay!

Starting 2019 I choose to be positive no matter what and accept all my disasters and negative situations.

I always consider the miles away I had gone thru and looking back is definitely not the answer

I would love to make resolutions so here we go!

1 buy a third phone …yes yes yes

2 spend only on what i need…

3 beautify my room way too much that it declutters itself and can be a symbol of hope strength courage and peace

4 be an inspiration to other people

5 basically be empathic and choose joy, always be kind and respectful most especially grateful

6 leave past behind

7 earn earn hustle hustle

8 be a quick decision maker

9 stop crossing oceans for people who would only cross a puddle for you

10 make you a priority

Thanks 128 followers

11 have 200 followers by Dec 2019

12 back to 138 pounds

13 travel once by myself this year

14 forget ive never been in a relationship before

15 minus the shopping, ukay is lyfer

16 prettify is there is the time

17 away from narcissistic people and idiots, fools

18 be wise and have courage

19 always pray

20 don’t panic chill lang

21 sana mahanap ko na tropa ko, if not ok lang

22 lose the baggage

23 clean room is next to godliness

24 impress yourself not others

25 compete with yourself not others

Forgive people, darling

26 parin ako

So yey

F*ck the people and plans who wouldn’t choose me

…forever 21 nbsb pero love hard

Balang araw





why it pays to be kind humble and smart 

nowadays ive been on the hunt for genuine happiness. facebook has been such a joy giver all the pages or blogs per se i follow post some ridiculous on point (pardon the jargon) shit that totally meshes well or like, um relates well in my life, speaking of, I keep ordering mcdonalds delivery food, note the double iced coffee for my caffeine boost and extra virgin vanilla jk lawl ive been dealing heavy stuff lately. I mean my blog means the world to me as it is my baby. It really makes me happy someone, you probably don’t know, but a simple like can make my day bloom.

It has been 35 days since I resigned. I have gone through emotional whirlwinds I cannot myself comprehend. Done shit as an agent I couldn’t fuckin compromise as it goes against my logic and identity… Things such as

1 begging clients in chinese, translating chinese, helping my teammates …former,speak in chinese hilariously

2 chasing richies

3 giving my card and having small talk la la

4 enjoying the fuck out of my job

… i feel like my life died a bit when i left sales

Good thing, Ms J …lets just call her that, came to my rescue last September 4 like omg I was getting bully vibes from my teammates but nonetheless, Karma is there to teach us humility and patience,

So I met this lady who gave me her card.

I got deep, deep salute to her as she is the Girl Boss I always always will follow and admire …hello Dior, my first official girl boss.

Also Ms Mary Chinjen, shout out to you,

I hope you both will make my journey worthwhile and teach me lessons worth more than a golden minefield.

To my Taiwan experience, goodbye. Also, Alveo. Good bye.

Love you all.

xx Sher 2018

pls dont be scared

keep the faith

the rest will follow

Chivalry is dead.


hey loves

im in sm megamall


its been 7 hours

but hella worth it

ive been watching so much people

and their graphic tee

slang words


musicality of human beings



sobrang bano ng mga ka manning ko



why does the world rock inside my head

but i always cannot choose

the situation

im in

kailan ako magtitimpi

sobrang tagal na

walang benta

alam ko

ala tutulong saken

lahat nang ginawa ko

ako lang makakagawa

ty lord sa lakas

batak talaga imo



mga bading nakaupo sa booth



such gentleman

oh well



more work for me


-boo hoo


Have u ever

had an experience

when u

Tried to save somebody


but that


ended up blocking u


to me even though my social stat

is a

obvious lonerista

Here are my thoughts

world peace and global domination

You can’t be right all the time


love people who love you back


The rest,

is just dead, shit scareless



Hello world

Sherry here

I always wished I can be as pretty as Nam from that Thai movie

Beauty is on the inside

Our life will not be short if we fill it with meaningful moments

And live it

I also read a book

Humility is seeing less of ourselves and more about


It is recognizing that we as human beings

Begin to understand others

And put them on our shoe

That even though

they ignore us on our b-day,

Berate us on somebody they like

Fight us like we did something wrong,

We still stand up

Anybody out there left behind,

I will hold your hand

Loves and light

Sherry mae chan 💘👊💞💜