Custom made。

For all the rad punk pop bands, tank tops, oxygen masks, fishnets and safety heads.

Where u at.

Art conquers fear more than anything. Screenshot_20190314-204104_Pinterest.jpg

Long beach,CA


Bye, Ortigas & Company

Over the course of my life, I always strived for excellence and the pursuit for taste, justice, freedom of expression, value for money w/o compensating the quality. Ive been in real estate for exactly around 2 years. I got hired March 28, 2017 

My life has prettty much changed, since then. Life has its own echoes of survival we all follow, mine I think has reached its fullest capacitty. I mean, nobodys perfect, but I was having a hard time early Jan and Feb. Chased 8 bosses and got blindsided by the mafia.

I always had whims inside of me that my biological parents will get jailed. I almost had to go to the Emergency room or have some heart defribilator or something pump out my angst.

I have taken out my anger through dance.

Am quite the dancer not chosen for wild performances, Lord knows that is my number 1 passion

Earlier my slippers broke in public.

I calmy crossed the street to and from with just my left feet dangling around my headspace

So to be honest, i cannot always record my thoughts.

I know what I have produced and it has been such difficulty trying and carving my way being a proper lady, without fear of being catcalled。

My room has so much spacious mess that outer space cannot bend back time for me to go back to my previous employer.

I always had the best intentions in my mind helping out my former team.

The resignation was bad but Ortigas is my passion and lifeblood.

I was losing oxygen but still fancied giving out my business card to rich people.

I always dreamed of living in the suburbs

Quite the peaceful life—

My idea of a routine is absurd since I have worked irregular shifts since my graduation

2014, nobody acknowledged it as it was quite uneventful.

I will always treasure the gift of life though, despite my many fears

Living in the Philippines has taught me more than enough skills to become assertive, independent, fearless, faithful, humble, integrity driven, style, class, frugal, patient with myself

Tolerance is my best weapon, the economy may falter but my heart won’t



Crime and Punishment.

I don’t need no bullshit, fake friendz, people talking, judging me. I have broken enough mirrors of me in the past. Dark times have risen. And plaguing me are the people from the past. Life is an artistic process. To be able to rise, we gotta get a move on. …the way we finish always defines us , no matter where we belong


If I could trace my experience, I would trade it for nothing.

Happiness does not cost you a thing, a living, a sacrifice.

Happiness is a feeling.

It is pure and innocent, and does not ask you for something in return.

Happiness is freely giving with no further judgment,

Happiness is being polite and understanding,

It is about appreciating the little things we do for someone we love.

Happiness is looking up to someone, instead of shaming their past or their mistakes.

Happiness is letting go,

The fact that we are alive here on earth is enough fact that we are eager to make a life each and every day.


Choose your battles


So today i woke up very early, 730 am and I saw my tiara when I came to circuit mall again to buy some food and other essentials

I started by bazinga going to shopwise vito cruz since the tricycle fare was only 30 bucks yo going there and like I literally wanted and wished I would have a clothes rack and viola! A kuya found me and he even suggested there was a gray alternative to the black colour and happily assembled it for me! Yay!

Starting 2019 I choose to be positive no matter what and accept all my disasters and negative situations.

I always consider the miles away I had gone thru and looking back is definitely not the answer

I would love to make resolutions so here we go!

1 buy a third phone …yes yes yes

2 spend only on what i need…

3 beautify my room way too much that it declutters itself and can be a symbol of hope strength courage and peace

4 be an inspiration to other people

5 basically be empathic and choose joy, always be kind and respectful most especially grateful

6 leave past behind

7 earn earn hustle hustle

8 be a quick decision maker

9 stop crossing oceans for people who would only cross a puddle for you

10 make you a priority

Thanks 128 followers

11 have 200 followers by Dec 2019

12 back to 138 pounds

13 travel once by myself this year

14 forget ive never been in a relationship before

15 minus the shopping, ukay is lyfer

16 prettify is there is the time

17 away from narcissistic people and idiots, fools

18 be wise and have courage

19 always pray

20 don’t panic chill lang

21 sana mahanap ko na tropa ko, if not ok lang

22 lose the baggage

23 clean room is next to godliness

24 impress yourself not others

25 compete with yourself not others

Forgive people, darling

26 parin ako

So yey

F*ck the people and plans who wouldn’t choose me

…forever 21 nbsb pero love hard

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