Wisteria lane- so lately I am done being nice to people who apparently cannot be


It is rare occurence for me to post a photo – but

Here goes ? Today I felt like I was in a scene of Wild Child where Emma Roberts as Poppy gets a makeover and turns her hair red

See I wanted that kind of usual setting

…imaginary, I know

But guess what, I wanted a hair colour since I was like, 19? Now I am turning 25 in two days

Maybes are no more

Time to try security in Newer things ya know ??

$ growing up

-So veryhard



Ps imagine if I get red hair

Thats it


You can’t change your past, history, origin, how you were raised by your parents, your life in school, what others think about you, your family, relatives and current situations but,

You can always be who you are .

And that won’t change anything-

No matter whomever left you, have the guts to apologize to yourself

Keep your heart

Don’t let others destroy it