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As we are speaking another person takes h8s last breathe we r the generation of flimsy wheres abd


I’ve waited on tables. Waited on people. Waited on bosses. Waited on days. Waited for clearance. Waited to get even. Waited for people to be nice. Waited for parents to say sorry. Waited for people to save me. Waited forever.

I always knew deep within me I could easily love and give to other people who would do the same for me.

Comfort zone has been threatened and infiltrated. I can’t even have a credit card for Netflix, even if I did had one …I wouldn’t use it

I always have been a good girl, but sometimes I have reasons why I try harder than hard to survive and make a living.

And anybody can be a hero, nobody ought to tell a lot of people.

Sometimes the best thing in life, is to love

Others who have left you, and vice versa, never really loved you in this dog-eat-dog, kill or be killed, hierarchical system of a god-knows-what emerging generation.



To the people who hurt me, did me wrong, said shit behind my back, poured me plenty alcohol, backstabbed me

I have this anti bullshit pill for you.


Kindly delete all the contents of this blog from 2017 to 2018

My years were 2010 2011 2012

Sexiest at 2013

Baddest bitch at 2014

Kakagrad ko lang

Tinapon na ko abroad

2015 camp counselor pain


Cannot communicate

Tryna fit in





First ?



God knowsscreenshot_20190105-002218

Tuloy Lang


Our neighbourhood is currently playing “Turn Down For What”

I requested this song last April on my 26th birthday and only this song played

Even though I was heavily drunk they didn’t play the other request, “Like a G6”.

But ya know folks.

My life has been a real party this year.

I’m kinda over sentimental things and ruminating and analyzing them and just go bout the release of the beat and music.

I have forgotten everything disgusting that’s happened and am currently learning to enjoy every moment I have in peace even though my life is not perfect.

Thanks 2018 for making me a strong princess.

Maybe, prince

Oh whatever.

Thanks so much for WordPress, 120 followers and a big blast to all of you

Thanks for making me believe in myself.

That even though I didn’t join any pageant, won anything, had my first sale, got anything, my life is still


Thanks to Junko Mikami for greeting me Merry Christmas, for the kindness since 2016.

She has been my pen pal anonymously from Japan and her email has sent sparks from my heart

That even though, you aint got a happy family, too many people bullied you per se, or hurt you

Took advantage of your heart and kindness

You are ready to slay forward

Over and over again.

Thanks to the people who left me hanging

Who literally, left me.

Baby, it’s cold outside.

Happy Holidays, folks