Dear Darla.


Hello loves.

I feel like I am on the brink of my real estate career..

See I have been in the industry for 14 months now.

And I haven’t made my own sale yet.

I dunno how long is it for me to find the right client.

It’s just like a relationship where you play a cat and mouse game.

Like catch me if you can.

If you know what I mean. Living life in sales has been quite the difficulty you may never assume.

Your identity might be distorted.

And reality can be a wall or figure of illusion.

And everything is all on the surface; interaction, and so on.

How can you be true and gripping in a world of cruel intentions and mind games, a world where capitalist corporations eat the other little ones.

Where do you go?


Night Owl.


Hello peeps

Just had trouble sleeping since April

Anxiety kicked in when my job

Had to stop

But rare miracles

Fought for

Comes and keeps on going

If you know what I mean

You may run like hell

But your mistakes will offer you great

Intimidating lessons- GIANTS ;

Pivoting turning points

Stuff made of magic.

Life is simple

Keep it real,

Stay classy!

Less talk, less application (makeup)

More vivid results πŸ’‹

Lastly, kahit walang love life.


Love ,



Times change

Move it ..

Hustle $ β›²βš“βš½


Im so hyped up for world cup πŸ†

Hello world it’s gonna be Russia 🎾✨xx


It feels so 2018 this May,
rare finds
The constellation fires up
Conspires- desire.
Live for thy brethren
Not of envy or spite,
Love the grace
Is unity
-In heaven, we will not
See the ugliness of the world
Its momentary stance,
the problems we face.
The cruelty dealt upon us,
guaranteed Our Creator
Almighty Is
The most Powerful Being.
Sherry my dearest,
Find love
And this is your Home.
Ambient skies
Divine Grace
Save us O Lord,
Humble thy Name
Give us each day with Hope
And Glory
That We Honor Your Presence

O God Savior Almighty
In our minute


what keeps you going

these days

what spark




does your heart speak


today I got hired supposedly by Ortigas & Company

I do admire their posture and sophistication


got emotional and confused

But I realized

I cannot give up my Makati condo you know

I still haveta sell some Ayala property

Before I getta move on.

Dunno if im in love, maybe yes

But really keep it trust

Do anything to be you

I dont know about you

But I long to finally find myself

Cheers and hello


Never beg for love

I recently went on a trip with my fam.

My best friend from college met us unexpectantly

Lately I am depressed

What can I do

Ayala Land Corp

kicked me out of the company.

Sa sobrang depressed ko, di man lang ako makapag post sa FB or IG nang trip namen. Nakakapipi yung deadma lang talaga pamilya mo sayo kahit gano kalake problema mo

Kahit gano ka lumalaban

Araw araw

Wala din naman si Lord jan

Nasaan po kayo

Do you really care about me ?

Bakit ko nakilala si jovy

Bakit parati nalang ako nasasaktan

Bakit wala kayong ibinigay or ibibigay

Bakit di ko ever mareach yung quota ko or yung pangarap ko man lang na yumaman at magkapamilya

Why do you give people we meet

Then fall in love with

Getting us hurt.

Which legacy do I left behind

Or, that silent girl who in the beginning was never meant or made for sales

It’s rather obvious I love my boss

Sila lang nagpatibay sakin sa kumpanya

I really got no friends there.

When I leave they will just say this “quiet” girl oughtta leave

Like golly

I have never met somebody who leaves me and uses me like I am a money bank all the time


May konsyensya ba mga taong ganern

Grabe kasi eh

Sobrang hurt

Kung yung mga boss lang sa Ayala nagpapatibay nang loob ko

At wala akong panghahawakan

Willing na willing ako lumipat

Sa ibang kumpanya dahil no choice naman mga Intsik na tulad ko



Art cant feed you

But the people you meet and treasure will surely leave behind a legacy

Boss Gad

Boss Gerry

Boss Ian

Elai Arzadon

Ate Che (though you hate me)

Guess these are my last words

So much for you. Ayala

I had your back

For like a year and a half month

Where and what are you

Success is a mystery

Where do I find the golden egg

What impact do I leave.

They barely know me

My powers

And disbelief belief in God.

What an ever.

So much for love also

What sacrifice really

When an asshole just treats

You like ____

Um hey Im a girl too.

Love is finding your voice.


unnamed (2).gif

If this sales job keeps making me feel like some stuck up high school loner freak—

I still keep

going, chasing places.


Follow your heart

Chase the sunset.

Forget them

Remember the lesson,


Passion in your soul

Youth within

Your bones