Smoking shisha

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Many thanks for staying

You know, I have no idea anymore what to write.

Many crazy things have happened to me lately this july.

To sum it up :

1 I never became a homebody since this Ortigas thing apparently has you going out 24/7

2 Grab has been my best buddy in fact I rented out all those discounts called Rewards. (shades)

3 Lately my fascination with social media has waned. (I didnt know I had twitter and linkedin. -deleted them ages ago)

4 I cannot stand the stupidity of others (Seriously, really, I cannot even)

5 An open house has passed in Ortigas. Three mini open houses (which we weren’t informed. ) -In Ayala I was open house queen uhuh

6 Drastically speaking, I rode a cab where there was this greeno oldie little lolo who has this very weird soothing voice that speaks rad that he is “nice” or “kind” or for prudence’s sake- mabait.

7 I was really so torn that day since

a That day, they released our paycards of which I was the earliest since for some reason I think I had to be

b I stole a German magazine (pure German if you say so)

c After getting my so-called Metrobank bluish green paycard,

d I had Grab waiting for me

e on the other side of Ortigas building

f So then I bounced.

g When I arrived at Ortigas East office for the sales briefing

h This Naisa girl texted me and told me over the phone ( I called her asap)

i That my paycard wasn’t mine

J And the pin didn’t match the end of the card

K To my surprise

L I had to hail a cab easily

M Get back to Ortigas Building

N Steal the German magazine out of Justice (ehem)

O See the guy I had my card swapped with.

P Um, Hello Calvin (Sobrang kamukha niya omg

Q minumulto ba ko ni Ayala


Going back to the trail of crazy unfortunate incidents.

That lolo in the cab was fucking crazy as fuck


I mean, I am open minded and all

But he kept talking about sex

Like crazy

Even made bastos to me by touching my knee twice

And me, the ever so galang girl, was like

Please stop me here (malapit naman sa condo ko one jeep away

Like uhuh yeah disgusting fuck

Anyways I got over it but cannot get over the fact that there are indeed many crazy drivers down the city

And yeaps

As hard as it is

I learned to keep my mouth shut

Whenever I ride as a passenger in those Grabs and Cabs.

Reel freaky

You know what else is freaky

I broke the hell down

My preachy ex-officemate in Ayala recently texted me

About entertaining my client

I was stunned how she said “po” to me when she is 34 or something older

And she always treats me like I had to be preached all the time or sermoned like some youngster

Fyi she even called me “childish” #gambino jk to my face

As always honest bee sherry confessed she got hurt by it (the label)

But most appalling was

She got my client and dared made paalam to me if she can assist my client

I cannot even.

You know, first time I got into Ortigas boss was texting me pa during first day of training if I can help with getting guests to the open house

To which in my response, I gave him a very rich guys number, outfit aura and all, like a big boss, to him

And stated I cannot help you anymore

See how loyal I was to the boss and the company

How can they be like this

Especially si Ate, na alam mo yun

Wala na ngang jowa

Tapos nagtext ako na namiss ko sila ni boss (G) and then di man lang nag reply

Tapos pag may kailangan na

Sige call text paalam

Wag ka na mag paalam ha.

Tapos na ko kay Ayala.

Kahit di ako trip ni Ortigas

La akong choice eh

Kailangan kong kumayod

Nangutang pa nga ko sa nanay ko na sobrang mukhang pera

Like yea its the truth

So pwede Ayala Alveo

Wag niyo na kong gambalain.

Iba na problema  ko dito.

Di mabilis mag pullin

Ang layo ng show room

Have to struggle with the brand

And the demographics of the clients

When it was a breeze pulling in Louis Vuitton bag carrying Chinese mainlanders

Or having tripping (Hello boss)

When you are comm-pic status

And erone treats you like shit

Just because you working and aint got any allowance

And that was closable but I guess I blew it but nevermind.

Just please let me breathe

In my new company

I got no expectations

I have no idea if I can excel here, or heck

Even better than I did in Ayala…

Kung sa Ayala 100 clients a month ka

Dito pullin kinacount

Tapos di na sa hotel open house

Pano na yung jaded mong rep na 10clients sa open house

Ahaha anyway

I miss Gerry and Gad.

Boss Ian Boss Norman Lim

And them treating me like royalty.

Here in Ortigas

I have nothing to say

Just probably today was the first time I stayed in my condo

And hoping that I be safe the next couple of days and beyond

I aint got any friends.

I was happy though I met Matthew and Timots.

Just that I don’t like my officemates.

They just don’t get me.

And the nonsense photos.

Thats it.

Parang wala ka talagang magagawa beh eh

Nasa sales ka.

Wishing I can pursue my dreams

But hey I am unable to fund them at 26

Had so much moments in Ayala I wish to erase

Like Johnny Walker Black Label.

Hoping even though there is no bell ringing here.

It will be worth every great honour to close a sale.

It would mean all the cries I cried

All the tears I shed

From the clients

To the officates I was once part of– Team Vertex APEX

Please kindly erase me

Don’t bother me ever again.

Thank you.