no matter what situation you are in, you can always choose to be positive and happy. channel your inner energy into positive vibrations and let karma do the rest.

i had a gr88 day today @ cash and carry makati

my favourite mall none the usual

i hope i reach my dreams

have 100 follows

forgive and forget

focus on


my worth

my growth

the things i do everyday

the decisions i make

fast forward time


all if not



the wind just drifts by

Let it happen


Lates im currently worried


about my status at work


Like awks


Tatagal ba ko sa trabaho


Or bye bye na sa march??


I so wanna earn money

and live and learn :



Travel and surf


Maybe download Tinder jwk

So maybe life aint what we planned out ya know

But there will be people out there to plant seeds


Of hope


And inspire us to become who we are meant to be,


So always learn.

Despite the pain

Choose your people.

Never give up on life


Past is past


Everything and the rest


just goes round.