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Let the past fucking go /             …..   Art spells nostalgia,

Dry season go home to my place. I’ll make money rain. 🎧💲💵


Closed flowers

Whilst June may be quite over for most of us, It has given me plenty sentiments like having doubts and confusion about the present. To lost a lot of heart is a bad deal, but to gain love and light is all we ever search for.

  • I have no family. Yes enough.
  • I have no money. Where and how.
  • No boyfriend HAHAHAHA
  • Too vulnerable and open to people. Too trusting, humane or uhm sensitive? Hmm .
  • Don’t agree with my $ — job .

Out of war


Doubts  0:0:0

The Past is The Past, Today is Today.

Lately ive been in slight jolts over my decision to stay in the past few months over a job that downright kills and devalues my skills/ how do you deal w people exactly? ? ? You know, for the first time in my life years I was being bullied and lied upon.

I don’t know how to feel about this exactly, anon about my blank feel

What can I say but nothing,


Wisteria lane- so lately I am done being nice to people who apparently cannot be


It is rare occurence for me to post a photo – but

Here goes ? Today I felt like I was in a scene of Wild Child where Emma Roberts as Poppy gets a makeover and turns her hair red

See I wanted that kind of usual setting

…imaginary, I know

But guess what, I wanted a hair colour since I was like, 19? Now I am turning 25 in two days

Maybes are no more

Time to try security in Newer things ya know ??

$ growing up

-So veryhard



Ps imagine if I get red hair