don’t give any fox

meganon na patapos na yung taon tapos mapapa…wtf ka sa mga desisyon na ginawa mo. kunwari nalang, paglipat mo sa ibang developer. isa pa doon, yung nalipat ka nga without applying pero sa masamang division ka naman tapos yung A game boss na sobrang kupal at mayabang at may kotse grabe kadeadma sayo mas maganda pa porma mo sakanya noong sales rally, pero nung triny mo lumipat nang grupo grabe ka sermon inabot mo sakanya parang nasalanta nang ompong tas binaha at linipad nang hangin ang tingin doon kasi grabe mag insulto tapos nangingi nabang sa weakness mo na sensitive ka

sinabihan ka pang prinsesa ka ba

oc ka ba



sabi pa may problema daw ako

kahit saang developer daw ako mapunta

wala raw magbabago


wala akong na meet sa buhay ko na ang lakas nang loob manlait sakin in person , wish ko sana marecord yun ulet para marinig at makita nang iba for proof

pero for some personal safety state ko nalang nang mas maayos na reason, basic reason bakit ako muna aalis

kasi alam mo

tao ako

di ako checke pang loi

kaya kung may galit ka sa intsik

wag mo ko idamay don

grabe kung maka snob

tapos kakausapin ka lang pasimple na dapat may checke na sa verdant this october

wala na tatalab sa ugali

di mo narin mababalik o mababawi mga sinalita mo

as for this person who chatted me and i added back

i just don’t like what you do to me

i only ride on my own

and if you can’t keep a straight face in public

not much i can say


you know what i did all i could

this year was the worst but truly worth the risk

jack ma says at your 20s keep making mistakes

you will find your people too

and never let anyone

take your power, abuse you, use you, talk shit to you

especially men

as for ladies who throw shade

and both genders who disrespect and cannot appreciate you

stop being kind to them

cry if you have to.

I cried last night in a resto eating paella as I left the most boring edm party ever

it felt like the gin I drank was PG 13 fresh from college back at eighteen sipping bar drinks


am glad jack ma said to make mistakes

i am only 26

been through a lot

sales has been a killer

i will fight for and come back

to win

ps : thanks lord sa mga taong inisip ko nang bigyan nang regalo sa pasko

konti lang sila

salamat sa mga maginoong mga tunay na lalake

di mga beki na ewan ba





hey 96 followers 🖤

im so glad

ive finally almost reached a hundred


a year …


has been so worth it

i can’t believe my journeys

been all

curated here …

even my sales job

and my problems like

not having a boyfriend ever since


not that its a big of a deal

im 26

but im happy

painted my nails




my sweet pea body wash

has gone

i really like american bazaar

since it imports goods from the states

at this like really, cheap


and so far,

i spent the day earlier

playing in timezone

singing my gut feels out in karaoke

playing the drums

to dancing it out in dance dance


cool isnt it

also im very happy with my ig and fb

couldnt care less

about my personal life

at least

on the 19th

ive got two expected guests


they come


got a new crush at work






ps cheerios to prudence

gotta love them haters

throw them shade

they throw ya a bible verse



trying to enjoy life here

xoxo love u all




Dear followers

I have been on the nines lately

I am wearing our company shirt

My previous boss told me good luck

So much heart for Ayala

Proud to be Vertex

In Tagalog,

Naka Vertex shirt ako today sa office

I feel like my corporate life last year

Has been a dream

Btw its paired with ripped jeans

Im quite speechless lately

Kinda out of money

My fb and ig are both surviving.

Thanks btw

92 follows

Im kinda happy

Broke AF

I hate my office mates

Gotta get better

14 guests for aug

Missing jon ty

Where is my mind

Gotta love your enemies


I know

Ps Thanks




i am just going by with the flow of the days

nobody misses me

i aint got any real friends

got no family either

much less a boyfriend

i aint complaining here

am actually proud only one guy

was able to touch me

but that wont happen again


ps : we all need love


Hello world

Sherry here

I always wished I can be as pretty as Nam from that Thai movie

Beauty is on the inside

Our life will not be short if we fill it with meaningful moments

And live it

I also read a book

Humility is seeing less of ourselves and more about


It is recognizing that we as human beings

Begin to understand others

And put them on our shoe

That even though

they ignore us on our b-day,

Berate us on somebody they like

Fight us like we did something wrong,

We still stand up

Anybody out there left behind,

I will hold your hand

Loves and light

Sherry mae chan 💘👊💞💜

Aqua Is Lyfer.

Hello world,

I am sorry for showing y’all photos of my face every time I post here. Hahaha. It’s just that these days I need that oomph or strength to get on with what is happening like it’s starting to get cold or something like my world is living dead on rooted plants when the seeds I’ve sown were nothing but carved ends


So anyway I am turning a year older in exactly a month! Happy birthday to me! Felt like all this sales job has given me confidence, wit and staying classy. I realised there are people we think we like but don’t really like us.

Also realised Facebook is complete bullshit.

And how living in the real world preached me to be brave, to have a stance and to stand amongst kindred souls instead of harmful gossipy self-preachy anarchists

So anyway cheers to my last seven days at work

I am so glad I met such beautiful souls like the managers


I am glad despite all the pain I carried with this one guy, I realised he is not someone I should interfere with

After all this is my one and only life

It’s more of your loss

Leaving me after I said sorry FIRST

Regarding the universe I hope they protect me everyday

There were many, many, many close chances I could have been able to close a sale

But Lord God in heaven

If this job is not for me

I will respectfully quit with dignity

Oh and regarding Facebook

I unblocked all the people I blocked before

Safer to set them free

Go Sherry win the fight