Just realised how

  • one needs to cut down ones losses
  • eating tremendously is okay
  • everyday is the new beginning
  • love is patient and everlasting rushes no time and is therefore
  • something that needs to be said.





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Lately, I’ve been on the verge of quitting my sales job. I couldn’t take any of it anymore as I hurl myself through long days of September laying awake at night for as long as I can remember.

All I want is a fresh new start and good beginning to look onto. Something that largely agrees with my ideals and lifelong goal.

What’s worse is I made a confession to a guy I barely knew. Who by the way, didn’t really reciprocate my soul of feelings but passively acknowledge it.

Meg from Hercules would probably say, Boys are a pain – oh boy. Is she right. May the universe grant me a new life, and may I keep on writing for future’s sake.

Love loves and thanks for reading!


People change.

They say u never really know a person until u spent ur entire life around them  some can truly change while others          change but most of the time they are still the same.

Dont build your life around people and others because once youve invested everything including your entire heart around them


And one day they break you like glass and you stand like a doormat


Gasping, waiting and suffocating yourself  for answers that go beyond deep words and phases


Just like that


In the blink of an eye.