Too many things


So heres Whiz Khalifa in Saint Laurent.

Tomorrow I dunno what to expect

I just learned to drown the noise in

From things that get too much on my head

That literally

I just wanna scream

Where is my sale


I dont even pine for a boyfriend

But I always remember the books that got me by high school;

the books in class academically

Assigned to us


The A’s I never pretended I could get whatever I aimed for


The movie, “The First Time”.

the guy in college I thought,

I actually like.



The many, many haunted things and specified images that haunt my head

the decisions I am making,


the laundry lady who was witty and pretty

who told me I am young to be 26

— tomorrow.


It suddenly rained tonight.



the universe is weeping for my age

@ 25 got not much– money friends family feelings,



How do you drown those noises unwanted

those people who are assholes


Those people who actually are so selfish and don’t care enough that

you invited them

asking who is on the guest list

asking if they can leave early.



So why bother going ???


cash and carry netopia always makes me happy.

since the service here c/o kuya is so very efficient.

this is the place where i printed my goal book photos (framed).

the place i bought reasonably expensive perfume for my boss.

the place i had a guest came to our open house.

it’s been real meaningful.

i’m still lost.

may sakit pa ko,

pero you know,

i’m throwing a party.

i don’t feel my birthday,

or any days.

pero i am, always trying.

sana makapasok na ko Lord.


sana rin di ako mahurt pag walang pumunta sa bday ko