So currently

Walang ganap sa buhay ko,

Bumili lang ako tagal na nang mirror na buy one take one sa shopwise.

It costs around 853 ish

Pero like nobody like would help me place it at the wall,

Our caretaker at the condo sucks

But ey its okay

I remember the time nakadampot ako nang 60 php …note tig bebente na tatlo

Sa labas nang condo namin


The world goes round.

Tutuo ang karma.

Wag mag hinay hinay or mahinaan nang loob.

As they say,

Laban at umahon

Here is me to my new job at Grepa

Hope to earn commision work

Hope to get back to ortigas

Hope to forget meine enemies

Hope to live a fun life

Cheers xx Sher


Hey followers

Thank you for 105

I owe it a lot to all of you

I wish I can monitor my expenses

Also make everyday a productive life

Today was great since it just was

I also won a bonus cash from the Mooncake dice game

I have a strong shot at games

Starting the weekend we’re gonna go back to the usual sales getup

Black blazer and heels

I wish I make a sale by November

As of now I temporarily Dgaf my Facebook and IG

I hate how I always accept people to follow me but they like unfollow me



Make it worth your time


Much much loves.


dearest diary

i have had enough with people who always take me for granted,

today i willingly talked with our sales director in the company, and all he did was grill me into saying how the real world is cruel and unfair and how i seem to be …sheltered wow as if he knew the path i walked onto and my character per se…

i realize how we, as a human individual, can never really find ourselves and our worth in a person,

and how we must blossom where our heart and purpose go.

i deeply tried to leave their division and my team, but sales director said how i was the only rare case that dared to do that,

as nobody tried to leave due to personal preference,

just me.

to recount,

i was really clueless how to go about, i love my job but hate how the bosses cannot close the work,

i keep comparing them to my former developer.

the fact is, i love sales as i have thrived to keep up with manning and setting appointments to so many hopefuls na closing pero

lahat paasa,

i just really wished i was placed in a good group.

it is hard to say you can thrive anyplace and bloom,

mahirap yon.

mas mahirap pa kung di mo makita sarili mo dun, and yung purpose mo

and you ask what the heck am i doing this for.

many people broke me over the past years,

people i trusted the most.

i dont even begin to understand some big douchy boss can say and hurl shit stuff like that to my face.

i know education helps in identifying people and their capabilities but this is too much,

respect is the basic human gift apart from kindness,

if one lacks that

then obviously you know which way to go darling.

never ever doubt yourself,

dont give someone the power over you.

and if you dont like the people there,

better leave with head held high.

it doesnt matter anymore.

all the praise i held,

galing yun sa taas.

lahat ng ginawa ko,

sa alveo and sa nakaraan,

the effortless work i did for ortigas.

thank you so much, sales.

maybe, i have garnered enough lessons.

nobody ought to even point it out loud.

thanks for the grand finale.

signing off xoxo




hey 96 followers 🖤

im so glad

ive finally almost reached a hundred


a year …


has been so worth it

i can’t believe my journeys

been all

curated here …

even my sales job

and my problems like

not having a boyfriend ever since


not that its a big of a deal

im 26

but im happy

painted my nails




my sweet pea body wash

has gone

i really like american bazaar

since it imports goods from the states

at this like really, cheap


and so far,

i spent the day earlier

playing in timezone

singing my gut feels out in karaoke

playing the drums

to dancing it out in dance dance


cool isnt it

also im very happy with my ig and fb

couldnt care less

about my personal life

at least

on the 19th

ive got two expected guests


they come


got a new crush at work






ps cheerios to prudence

gotta love them haters

throw them shade

they throw ya a bible verse



trying to enjoy life here

xoxo love u all