Cut the chord

Lord knows how much I sacrifice for the ones I love, who my beneficiaries were supposed to be, how my comm was supposedly taken away from me,

The tears I have shed …karma endured, pain released judgment induced and negativity that almost ended me …

Thank you, to everybody who always held my hand.

I was often alone in my own magical world, sinking deeply, I often forget that I live in a world where people lie, where honesty is discarded, where having a true voice trumps all advantage, where masks and mirrors triumph in pursuit of justice and criminology.

The faded lies end up bulleting us, and we are led to nowhere. But Yahweh says how our destination is not yet final

For he is the Keeper of our own Hearts

In Our Own Time

_yours truly ,



Have u ever

had an experience

when u

Tried to save somebody


but that


ended up blocking u


to me even though my social stat

is a

obvious lonerista

Here are my thoughts

world peace and global domination

You can’t be right all the time


love people who love you back


The rest,

is just dead, shit scareless




For all the rough skies we’ve gone through, the hurdles enough to keep us from surviving – the countless times we tried to hold it together only to see it fall apart. They who left and never returned / the kind ones who took us in. And to the ones who failed to show us what we’re worth of, never forget the time it took for you to let go. And forgive. To the many times you’ve loved, and the many moments shared with others whom may not have cared to give acknowledgment to your value. Stay what you are, live and follow your love 🗻