Self made.


Over the course

Of my life, I have tried my best trying to please my parent/s, bosses, society in general, living in the Philippines, accepting my name is an “S” and most people do not give it much relevance. I have tried to live abundantly in the premise of knowing no boundaries when it came to working, shopping, doing stuff for others, drinking, holding up a party, trying to get through other rich people, holding my status to a high regard. Most problems of mine arise from the family. And several times the universe has proven I had been trying hard enough to cope, make a living, be quiet in my own space, stop worrying about money- coming from such a reclusive background and being schooled at an elite school makes the mind a hard feat. Trying to be a winner also gets me very deluded and beat down at times. Being overly analytical makes me nauseous and I find it hard to breathe every time and then. It takes great composure to set yourself out there.

clean freak.


hello loves. it felt good to be 26. turning 27 in april next year but the hype continues on proving myself to the world . its quite disappointing im no performer in the realm of arts, a designer by profession, a business owner or something that i dream of.. all i did was graduate admu by 21 and work

you know that feeling when you get older you get some bee jees or like hair raising feel that you are actually alive

and nobody can bring you down

because you only get one life

so might as well be the best version of your self



learn from your mistakes,

truly appreciate people

most esp God

the Maker of all good things

Someone you can come to

Someone whom gave you enough battles to prove to the world you are not a weakling

So if you get depressed some days

Or if you are living alone like me

Get out and talk to people

I may be out of sales

But my heart for humanity

is not ever cold

thank you everyone

xx sher