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I know I’m Super Fly, ☆ ey 119 followers

I am entirely grateful u all been there with me, truly universe has been so kind, im broke and jobless, kinda, i got an insurance job, was very very very lucky 😚

I passed the exams last October 26.

I resigned from Ortigas October 13.

Since then Hallelujah

I met a bad bitch boss at Ortigas who promised me entry again next twenty o nine but she left me gaping… I thought she said six mos. exit then come back around but hell no, she f*cking left me in the air, like hanging there with so much pain tbh since I was hoping to get back at the bad bosses downing me out and backlashing me out.

But then I realize as I swam this real world loves me so much.

No need to have comparison over others, as God has loved me thru thick and thin. He gave me a 2nd life when I was eight and dying. Though my mum and dad are cruel people, He always gave me the back hand and the upper edge to succeed in no matter any situation

Let me meet people who were and always will be, amazing

Btw I went home today shopping for Christmas, most of them were pink, classy and unicorn style,

I miss Ateneo, I miss Ms Dior from Taipei, I miss Alveo and Boss Gad,

I miss our dog Ollie Back Home…the home I will never run back

To no matter how hopeless I am, no matter how injured, hurt, even though just recently I got hit AF by a tric but he was nice as he took me in for a free ride since I was stunned shookt there, like basically motionless, kneeling

In my wounds…pero in fair

Di siya malala

Kaya super thanks 💋

Can’t wait for 2019, am sad Karina is sad and Aljon got evicted sa PBB

I thought of vlogging my life pero parang di na ganun ka natural pag ivlog mo haha,

Dame kong nakakausap sa labas,

I even got lost in Poblacion only to have my lost TIN ID notarized quite expensively for 250 bucks, sinabi nung guy na nag sell nang burgers na Car name yung names nang burgers na mahal daw dapat 100 to 150 lang yung price.

Pinakaasar ako is that I waited mga 10 ish to 15 min, parang eternity yon kasi the guy there was like making landi to his old classmate instead of working, like inuna pa niya mag add sa FB kaysa gawin yung Notary ko, dafudge diba

Tapos nainis na ko kasi hello nag aantay ako amp tas mahal pa sinigil saken huwaw such work ethic… sometimes ya know

I secretly wish I was missed by my co-workers in Ortigas

Kasi pati ba naman sa Circuit

Nakita ako lel

Like she shouted, “Sherry!”

While I was crossing the lil pedestrian at the back

And um na huwaw ako na Sherry finally tinawag niya sakin

Kasi names are important ya know!

Sobrang saya ko na nawalan ako nang takot sa Angkas

It made me feel like a rockstar

Steady lang

Sana buhay ko ganon

Fyi sobrang gandara nang calling card

Pinagawa ko sa Chill Hub

Grabe galing nila

Sarap talaga mag promote hehe

Like maybe doing a vlog might be so nice

But the mystery and the sponteneity of you, living your raggedy, jackass of a life

Might be lost right20181211_193030


Di perfect buhay

Wala akong ya know


Pero um

Kinakaya ko naman

Kasi di mo naman kailangan muna



Dame ko pang pangarap na magagawa

Like it was my first time this December to clean my meager apartment

And clean it like hell

Tryna find my TIN card!

Then awhile ago sa morning I was so happy I got to Atrium Makati to finally

Hopefully get my TIN ID tom

Btw Affidavit of loss pala yung tinaga saken

Mediyo first time ko rin kasi asikasuhin yang

Mga yan oh btw I stole a knife um jk fork today mahahaa


Kase naman

Bad service


Um natapon ko din ata yung Sterling spoon and fork ko sa apartment kaya yun squad poor life talaga

Tapos di na ko nagpapaapekto sa mga humihingi nang money sa sampaguita

Kasi last year andame ko na binili sa mga yan


Pati rose nga eh


To be continued



hey 96 followers 🖤

im so glad

ive finally almost reached a hundred


a year …


has been so worth it

i can’t believe my journeys

been all

curated here …

even my sales job

and my problems like

not having a boyfriend ever since


not that its a big of a deal

im 26

but im happy

painted my nails




my sweet pea body wash

has gone

i really like american bazaar

since it imports goods from the states

at this like really, cheap


and so far,

i spent the day earlier

playing in timezone

singing my gut feels out in karaoke

playing the drums

to dancing it out in dance dance


cool isnt it

also im very happy with my ig and fb

couldnt care less

about my personal life

at least

on the 19th

ive got two expected guests


they come


got a new crush at work






ps cheerios to prudence

gotta love them haters

throw them shade

they throw ya a bible verse



trying to enjoy life here

xoxo love u all




As the last 30 days of staying 24 loop towards me, I want to say thank you to all people who have made me special and cared for, in some ways rather- where I never knew kindhearted souls exist for when youre broken, depressed or too strung up tied of letting go .

The times when you just want to punch and kick the ass of the entire world for not agreeing you, or hurl your significant other dead monologues just to get back at him for running .

Or that time when you kissed someone

but realised none of it count .

Or whenever you fail to sleep thinking about the future, screwing up pasts and downsizing the present moment.

Here is to you,

For being a strong girl, for fighter that you are, inner beautiful as ever with a white dazzling pure as a feathered heart .

Here is to you who always cried in the middle of the night

with no one watching . .

Heres to you who braved and fought so many battles,

Lost all but won everything . .

Heres to you, goddess  May you have the strength to let go – – LET GO

Of all the demons you have undone

All the faces you’ve passed by.

All the moments, freezing them one by one.


Let it all out














Or rather,