My november was so pretty time flew by so fast. I recently watch the duff and cyberbully movies and realized how it must be like to be outed or humiliated in public by casting out so much hate speech or defamatory bs,

So anyways I just recently had a ball fitting from a designer near our home. Im excited to see how its like to wear something fancy, like fifty shades of grey movie! Haha kidding.

Will update you followers how I will manage to survive the upcoming holidaze. Must be so much work but in practice I am hoping for some willing zest and zen. Toodles. Peace out xx 🙂


The High Road


What truly fears us the most is losing the people whom we love.

Gurl hood .  . . .

Listening to Missy Elliot’s ” I’m Better ” totally ripped off whatever has been trippin’ some sh*t lately . High strung af, I found myself needing therapy again in the form of music, unable to sleep.


So what has been caught up with me lately? Been youtube-ing since yesterday, that is what makes me happy most days .

It has been real cold here in Manila. No wonder the deluge of broken hearts fill the population anywhere. So much for v-day. Being outside can be tiresome.

\(-ㅂ-)/ ♥ ♥ ♥

So anyway, frantic as ever I have been in reminiscing the mistakes I have made, the fears I have yet to conquer and the reality  I’ve been facing, my own self has betrayed me by leaving hints of memory difficult to undo.

In just seconds, anything can change .