trump card

So today, I thought I just will not become myself again, or be myself again.

The choices you make define you, see if you pick career and health but end up drowning in stress or loneliness then what is the point, the entirety of the energy you are giving out to the world.

Most peoples take from you, rarely think about themselves as these are the common many, it sure is hard to deal with them on the surface.

But you know deep inside you know your self, what you stood and stand for, and your own net worth.

Only the universe can offer you the best, so choose wisely.



When life is.


So lately I’ve watched the 2013 movie, Spectacular Now. The shit I can say is, it was phenomenal beyond words. Like, the actor Miles Teller and actress Shaileen Woodley both convincingly took the center stage in portraying dramatic, coming of age characters conflicted between college, moving forward, family and surely, being young for the moment.

See when you turn into your 20s life suddenly fast forwards and wrecks your life into millions of pieces you never knew existed. Mine was worse than an extreme twisted ride than you could probably imagine. And I could go on complaining about being broke, sending endless resumes for god-knows-what opportunities, risking myself out there and what not. Basically, flinging yourself onto the real world figuring shit out bit by bit. Oh, also includes figuring out who has the guts in your small circle to truly care and fight for you and your goddamn problems.

I’m not here to b*tch, but hopefully inspire my followers that life gets hard but dope as hell, miracles do happen

Yeah they do.

Every f*cking hour. Minute. Second.

Likewise I can be back to me being 19 and feeling reckless and moody or emo and nonchalant about certain important things in life I barely noticed or took for granted for. Such as, having a family even though they feel dead AF as being Asian can be a huge pain sometimes if you were born sensitive, expressive and over-analytic..

All I can say is, despite the cause and damage born to you, any day can change as long as you are willing to accept and let go of whatever you can’t change. Being buddhist and positive helps, calm down and solve things in a logical stream of being.

I was always said to be “emotional,” so some things I post on social media tend to be misinterpreted by my dearest friends. I only keep a rare few  – so think and guess how pretty special you are if you circle around in between my life.

Yes my parents aren’t perfect. They are old and abusive but now as an adult I realize I should forgive them and find my own life.

It has been very tough reared in a heavily Asian style of parenting, where rules and rigor apply and physical punishments exist enough to give some immeasurable pain and haunting memory. As a teenager growing up, I rebelled many, many times until I found my voice.

All I can say for now is no matter how difficult phase or situation you are in, always always hope.