If there is one thing I regret nowadays it’s being too kind and overreaching to people who never will, ever.

Deserve my kindness and strength

See oftentimes we think it would be better to leave people alone. But no, we must in fact keep loving this cruel world inspite of the fact that the people we love actually harbor hatred towards us

And that my dear is the time you your self should set yourself on fire and set love free

Dont keep others warm

Stay close who truly slay kindness

And know the worth of glory honour respect and most especially,


Thanks be to God.

My 2018 was silly af

Thanks for making me rich in intuition and selfless ignorance

That though people hurt me, etc

I still go on

Merry Christmas loves

Thanks be to all the kindest souls I have met

And will yet to meet !!!! 📿




Otherworldly. When life becomes a tragedy, just sing a tune or phrase and laugh at it. Most failures are comical sighs of relief detailing the temporality our being dictates or imposes.

Philosophy says that all go through nihilism in order to attain nirvana.

When we experience pain or bad times, this signifies the Buddhist concept of “all pain is suffering”, meaning we cannot avoid this in our lifetime.

All life go through some insane transformation to make us evolve for the awakening of our better, higher selves; remember when life throws at you, say a prayer and thanks. I am so blessed to be a part of this world.

Namaste!  ╭∩╮(︶︿︶)╭∩╮