Standard times , call for big things


life is perfect

especially to those who know how to wait and run at the same time.

today was amazing! i just revamped my blog again for some grunge vibes since im really emo in persona

and its halloween yay folks!

today i fit a beige whitish chunky heels that cost 450 php and like the lady was telling in the air how it looked pretty on me but like i cant really wear it so it just looked purdy

i realize since 2017 or 2016 when i knew about my savings leftover in the bank, basically debut money as charity from my always ever money loving rents…

i kept buying stuff i dont need.

talagang hoarder ako ng abubut at mga kyuti na bagay

tapos di naman nagagamit


i am still learning

esp how broke i am slash broken inside

thanks to the people who like my content

hearing me out yo


its been a wild ride

i miss you, sales

sana ok lang ako maging magisa sa pasko

ello grinchella

hahah im changing na sobra


good luck to me bukas


oks lang walang may pake alam nang ig ko

problema ko

istorya ko

mga reasons ko kung bakit nagresign ako

ok lang

sapat na tong blog

kalimutan mo na yan


Why Am I

You’re born, you know, the wrong names, wrong parents. I mean, that happens. You call yourself what you want to call yourself. This is the land of the free.

–  Bob Dylan
source (1).gif


Often I feel destined to play an exciting gig or instrument

Only to fulfill the novel idea of me as a gangster rockista full of wit and clamor

I used to read stories about a girl finding her own way with the world

Playing drums , pulsing to the beat of her heart .

Then again, fiction and reality collide to remind us how life is worth keeping

One only needs to see the truth in the right eyes , long live the past for the present and future are both here.


Hearing me breathe.

Anything is possible                                         Raindrops cleanse        the easing calm       I need     to get away      from             my past my problems worries  fear anxiety  my need for space

Carves the inner sanctuary i seek to uproot and stay for on