Maybe next time you won’t cry anymore.



Where are you now

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To answer the question, where does your voice go?

How can education change our lives, when our minds can change and bend the boundaries of space and time?

How can one uphold one’s values, live in harmony, instill that true deep voice within?

The world goes and comes, chaos and uncertainty, blending colors of good and evil, becomes gray, discernment goes unnoticed.

When you think about life more, philosophy or literature or arts or business, life becomes jaded into manipulation and deceit.

Why choose liberal arts when you won’t make money along it.

Why ask questions that never get real answers.

Why be among friends who take and take, have nothing to give and do nothing to change.

Why fall adrift when life falls, when you can rise again and give back?

Why overthink and analyze, when life is meant to be lived?

Choose wisely, act with integrity, show the world what you are capable of.

In this world of titles and occupations, people and management, opinion and a world of time –

One thing you can do is  grow a well, do something to nurture and forgive.

This well can be made of anything you wish to be, that can uphold and carry you in your best moments.

To stand up to the world is to forgive oneself.


While experience varies, life does not wait.

Be the change you wish to see in the world.

Have light and live for the moment.

Time holds eternity.

Sherry, 2016                    With love