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thank you

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sobrang pagod na ko gud

di ko na lam anong gagawin ko sa oras ko

heavy blow pag resign

di ko alam makakabalik

ba ako next year wew

tumatakbo oras

walang allowance job ko

sobra ako nag aalala

sana kumalma na talaga ko

kasi di ko na kaya pa lumaban

pero kinakaya


here is gone.

hey y’all !! whadup 😊

currently unemployed and my back hurts from losing so much sleep and all the stress that comes with unemployment.

but hey i am coping so far, my room is messy but clean.

i do feel i might fail the exam on friday

but am glad timezone is opening at ayala circuit so yey

not giving a f*ck much to people who dont give a f*ck

wishing i can shop by dover street in nyc

i hope i can always count my blessing no matter how much pain sorrow weight stress anxiety problems i do carry

i got mah back

xx sherr