trust me when i say

im trying so hard to fight

a war i cannot win

my family and their lack

of support

or rather

obvious lack thereof

my nonexistent friends

me quitting my job

with resonance

wishing for peace

of mind heart soul

somebody told me

i cannot make a sale

many many many many

time it echoed in me


i just stay grounded

be focused

murphys law

chase your dreams

thanks lloyd cervantes

you told me

for each developer i join

i will fail




cash and carry netopia always makes me happy.

since the service here c/o kuya is so very efficient.

this is the place where i printed my goal book photos (framed).

the place i bought reasonably expensive perfume for my boss.

the place i had a guest came to our open house.

it’s been real meaningful.

i’m still lost.

may sakit pa ko,

pero you know,

i’m throwing a party.

i don’t feel my birthday,

or any days.

pero i am, always trying.

sana makapasok na ko Lord.


sana rin di ako mahurt pag walang pumunta sa bday ko