La la Land


Hi loves


I love you all



Ya know

You can never make people happy

And they can never really get you

And whatever you do,

They will and can say


Thats why believe in the important


The genuine – authentic




No shame

No game

Be true to yourself

Know your limits Sherry

Btw I miss my music playing days

Sana Lord magbakas din itong sales

Matapos na rin lahat


I miss Gad and Gerry

💔 pwede

Yung mga tao na

Di naman ako


Wag niyo na ko gaguhin

Im fine on my own two feet

So justify that and just take me or

Leave me


Self recovery


Lately im all psyched up for 2018!

I just recently bought a Berlin journal and some self-made intricate personal, made for you notebook for ascribing my thoughts and sentiments into this hardwired world.

Oftentimes really, it may seem likely too depressing to be ignored by somebody we feel too much for, that we lash out or get mad at them for nothing, barely reasonable action for us to make,

Or is it supremely a jagged out-of-this world, why-can’t-you-respond- or ask-me-out type of anger.

Is it just me or it’s hard to love someone, or even find one who has the same heart as you,

Just clarifying feelings is tremendous, it’s not like we’re gonna be together.

This is for you,

If you’ve ever felt the urgent need to find yourself, look out the world and see a version paralleling the future-

I thoroughly support whatever you’re going through.

It’s okay if you are stuck or lost, at some job you dislike, days wasted away thinking how it can be so much nicer to just get away and chill and live.

To love, life and its people.

Inspiring others, making everyday great, traveling to new places, meeting aliens and foreign people, trying out different cultures to probing the probability of darkness- the unknown and the unfamiliar .

It’s easy to say we’ve moved on.

But part of the terrain shakes us and wakes us to extremes that something is terribly wrong with us or the world, is the world coming to an end?

Why can’t the people we love, love us back?