Fragile and broken

Hello readers, I just want to thank you for subscribing to my blog! I am very grateful through fate and hope , I am able to start this blog last 2015

Since I came home from work abroad, a very turbulent postgraduate mess indeed.

I am still in disbelief I acquired 336 total likes and 37 follows!

This is all for you. Thank you for the journey. Quite a personal post, but yeah thanks.


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So they tell me to be strong and not break my heart in rage and anger, but im afraid they forgot humans house their hearts in rib cages and contract when provoked, open and closed they go/

What do you say to peoples broken hearts? Should they just erase feelings and pretend their hearts don’t erode when hurt or left behind

Do we still have hearts then ? #queenbeesdonthaveto

I loveyou.

Why do we love others more than ourselves?

Is it because we feel warmth or crave connection from other soul more similar to ours or is it the nature of love


How do you know if someone loves u


How do you know if you love (not like#) someone!?  ??? Why am I 24 and still getting messed up confused on things like this.


Is there really a FOREVER ??

True love?


Why is our generation too choosy, or very much in love with different people


Or, too much too soon .


Whatever happened to being one together,