So wordpress couldn’t catch up with the internet and likewise deleted my over so beauty drama post about boys and being a lady …


Lalang im just stoked

The fact that I have clients

I need some dolla bills

I got blocked pero deep inside

I have a heart

And yeash thank you ha

You treated me like Im some invisible

Lady without a face.

Thank you that I realised it’s best for me to forget you.

Thank you also na, kahit di ko kaya mag block nang seryoso. Cause nobody really blocked me in the real world, if they ever did they all unblocked me na.


Thank you na, di ka marunong mag basa nang literal sa metaphorical.

Na magagalit ka pa sakin

Dahil may sinabi ako tungkol sa crush mo sa work.

Na buong time nagsama tayo,

Sinamahan kita.

Binigyan nang oras.

Pero wala lang ako sayo




Dear loves


As I write this now I am shaking  in despair –

I never expected people have limitations that







a big terrifying thank you

to you


77 follows was not something


I ever expected


I realised this blog is my home,

my Only home

From the terrible and heartbreakin


“outside world”

The people who will judge you for your social status

Use you for their benefit

Abuse your kindness as weakness

Not being humble enough to forgive you when you say sorry

And you barely or like

Dont even know what they are mad about you for


Always take aim

Take heart



Always see that your soul is very deeply enchanted and full of purity


Beautiful soul.

Never fade nor falter

Love you all

Let it happen


Lates im currently worried


about my status at work


Like awks


Tatagal ba ko sa trabaho


Or bye bye na sa march??


I so wanna earn money

and live and learn :



Travel and surf


Maybe download Tinder jwk

So maybe life aint what we planned out ya know

But there will be people out there to plant seeds


Of hope


And inspire us to become who we are meant to be,


So always learn.

Despite the pain

Choose your people.

Never give up on life


Past is past


Everything and the rest


just goes round.

Saying thanks

I rarely find the time to work out lately so im catching it up with some shopping haha. I still cant feel the moment when 2017 is ending. I had a lot of ups and downs this year that made me teary eyed but grateful. Also I met some people with beautiful souls and got some friends whom I think will never leave me. Theres nothing quite left to say either when you have 411 likes and 43 follows just in a years time. I miss LA and travelling in general. Hope to go on a trip soon by myself. Tomorrow I go to the woods with my friend Anna. I hope our trip would be fun. I miss writing letters in Japanese too to my pen pal. Haha. So many things you missed out doing because you were working the iron cage. So anyway catch ya later. Thanks for reading. You are wonderful and amazing.



So rare


So lately I just woke up and its November already.

I missed writing and college, frivolous things like crushes and daydreams and outfits like which mood represents what you wear

Lately I feel strongly attracted to someone,

Which may or may not pull me off the edge ‘ ya know

So far God has been good to me, I have ridden two Grab cars with great ambiance music rules and shebangs

You already know it

Peace out xx