Self made.


Over the course

Of my life, I have tried my best trying to please my parent/s, bosses, society in general, living in the Philippines, accepting my name is an “S” and most people do not give it much relevance. I have tried to live abundantly in the premise of knowing no boundaries when it came to working, shopping, doing stuff for others, drinking, holding up a party, trying to get through other rich people, holding my status to a high regard. Most problems of mine arise from the family. And several times the universe has proven I had been trying hard enough to cope, make a living, be quiet in my own space, stop worrying about money- coming from such a reclusive background and being schooled at an elite school makes the mind a hard feat. Trying to be a winner also gets me very deluded and beat down at times. Being overly analytical makes me nauseous and I find it hard to breathe every time and then. It takes great composure to set yourself out there.