Woke up like


These days I have no idea what is going on. All we know is nothing is permanent. And we can lose it at anytime. Growing up has me binded to my parents rigour. The point, I grew up at 21. At eighteen I yearned to be like the ideal United States chick – away from my parental and living by myself with some cash earned. If only I knew college ed won’t suffice to say, get you to where you wanted to be, then must I not keep the education and worked outside instead.

The gist is, my mother has been killing me. She sent me to a “famous” psychologist named Agnes Bueno.

This person told me, suicide is legal.

I was like, wtf.

She said, “So far, nobody has died on me.”

I was like, deep in my head, am I gonna be the first???

I was shookt how she said I have no problem. And asked me why I was there. I was like, well my mother told me to come here.

Really, parents are a children’s source of wealth in this world.

No matter how successful you are, if you aren’t the least bit accepted, honored, respected, cherished more so, acknowledged and appreciated.

That success is just an illusion.

I found this website early this afternoon.


At a young age, these have truly made an impact on me since I grew up shy and very timid.

I always played the piano and studied in school.

Looking further than that, I guess recently I was glad that a client I got from Greenhills agreed to go to our club event in Churchill.

Something about an Investors Night

I was hoping I can make it up for not being able to go to the sales rally/ mid-year awards tomorrow since I got really sick.

Not only am I sad about my mom, I just know I simply cannot change other people.

The saying goes, you want to change the world, but you can’t even change yourself.

Lately I have been dismissive and assertive.


I realized I don’t have any friends.

All my life Mom controlled it.

To the section I had in class down to my course in college.

Down to deciding whether to stay with my current employer in Taiwan.

Anyway, regarding people

Just recently my boss got mad at me for not being “productive” aka he disliked me waking up at 4am and told me that I wasn’t working enough.

It’s kinda sad I already hate my teammates.

After a month of putting up with their shallow shady jokes that are awful, and their backstabbing persona.

So yeah, people can be a pain.

What is even worse is when you saw the good in them,

But never will they really see the value in you.

I got 104 Facebook friends and I am not ashamed.

17 Instagram followers for god-knows-what.

And thankfully, 87 Followers in wordpress.

I was really sad I had to unfriend some people.

But what made me sadder is that they dont care.

At the very least, you can always have a new life elsewhere if you aren’t happy.

You know, it really is different here in Ortigas and Company.

I miss Alveo.

Esp the bosses.

Sana makalimutan ko rin kayo

Btw Timots I thought you were nice

Sometimes ayoko na mag reveal ng story or info sa mga tao

Kahit kailan di nila nakikita effort mo

Magpakatibay ka nalang kasi walang lalaban para sayo

Here is to being wealthy, sick-free and financially capable 💎