power mac spotlight


distance &faith

im quite happy beyond odds

ive liked my own post four times

not expecting anyone to like this anymore

but will keep fighting

my back


i cannot believe

i was able

to make it


circuit makati



i got invited for a free event


all of a sudden

i went there

was thirty min late

and the lady outside the booth promoting stuff ushered me like cray

i mean

there were no ushers

i was so blessed nakarating ako


first time ko manuod

sobrang ganda

like when i entered it felt like a bar slash boxing ring feel

pitched black,

then i just listend to ate telling me which direction to go

that was the highlight i guess

people guiding you when you feel lost as fuck


dying inside



letting go

putting walls down

efforts that remain unanswered

sobrang deep

may pa ballet dance pa


and talk about death

such a meaning full pre halloween for me

i wished my mom wer there to watch with me


so many tears flood this 2018

keep going, strong woman


Goodbye july

So lately I haven’t been writing much. Just starting to read a book called Skippy Dies. As my life barely goes to work in dust and fairy whims, I remarkably say my work has done me in good fortune!

I love you all, readers. All 37 of you.😚😘

Closed flowers

Whilst June may be quite over for most of us, It has given me plenty sentiments like having doubts and confusion about the present. To lost a lot of heart is a bad deal, but to gain love and light is all we ever search for.

  • I have no family. Yes enough.
  • I have no money. Where and how.
  • No boyfriend HAHAHAHA
  • Too vulnerable and open to people. Too trusting, humane or uhm sensitive? Hmm .
  • Don’t agree with my $ — job .

Dance Dance.


That moment when all is lost : this may leave us hanging or down for unanswerable questions on our heads. Trouble is, while we fish for answers

Some rather think out of necessity for the situation than truly give the truth of the matter at hand- when this happens More likely

Our expectations exceed our greatest chance on fate, as the stars dance

May the continents of the universe continue to gather for the good of many. Love, hope and peace – may the light and beauty of this Earth be always upon you no matter the situation is.



The sky is blue

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I just realised most of years in life, we never remember the ideas we so thought of, dreams we listed forth on our minds, people we encountered daily or the myriad of happenstances or events that go our way.

Still on the gist of things, a few sparks of memory do stain the empty wallflower silhouettes of days where we no longer form the consciousness to revel on thoughts of the past.

Flowering on the impulse to latch onto hope or brighter things, many are quick witted to admit they still are fully, by themselves. To note seasonal changes in history, everything changes and nothing is truly lost..

Circumstance is our greatest threat and enemy. These are times where we feel sad, angry, lost or in dire need of grace or a miracle. The fire within us sometimes burns with no light, no energy to keep us going on. Needlessly, we put the blame on others and not ourselves for what happened. If there is anything far greater in between of fate- it is our actions.

To run the miles of consequence would be to ask where it started.

Beyond our wildest imagination, we form inconceivable ties with people; broken ones that hung dry. As coming to a shock , our once dear friends or lovers become the grim, small ignominies that is a part of everyday existence.

We blame them for our heartbreaks and failures, as if the universe conspired in their best efforts to collaborate and consequentially, sabotage the things we cared and loved most deeply.

To escape the ugly truth, we pin the accusation on the very people who were causal and thus liable to our problems. Hereby the process, forgetting the very selves who were part of the same coin.

Because if there were really people to blame, it should be nobody; not even ourselves to question.

If people leave us, we should ask ourselves why and come to the fact that everything in life is and always will be, merely temporary. Life is too short to be ambiguous in relationships. We should strike a balance on what is important and what should not take up space in the deepest corners of our hearts and mind.

A reminder to those who were stood up, hurt, walked on or abused: it will never be your fault. Some, if not most people that stay in our lives are treasured for a reason.

  • Never let the people in your life know how much it hurts.
  • Don’t take anyone for granted, always be grateful for the things you own and the people in your life who care for you deeply.
  • Pray for your enemies, love harder.

Nothing in life is here permanently ; if you are having a hard time, know it will not stay forever.


** To those hurting from past events or unexpected circumstances, I hope you heal and hope for brighter days. You are amazing, don’t ever let anybody take your light and soul away. Keep going, never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game called ‘life.’



It is always darkest before dawn.