I’ve waited on tables. Waited on people. Waited on bosses. Waited on days. Waited for clearance. Waited to get even. Waited for people to be nice. Waited for parents to say sorry. Waited for people to save me. Waited forever.

I always knew deep within me I could easily love and give to other people who would do the same for me.

Comfort zone has been threatened and infiltrated. I can’t even have a credit card for Netflix, even if I did had one …I wouldn’t use it

I always have been a good girl, but sometimes I have reasons why I try harder than hard to survive and make a living.

And anybody can be a hero, nobody ought to tell a lot of people.

Sometimes the best thing in life, is to love

Others who have left you, and vice versa, never really loved you in this dog-eat-dog, kill or be killed, hierarchical system of a god-knows-what emerging generation.



Following 444

I spent years in my life following the voices of people

This year I am following my own voice


Growing up was


I want to remove from my persona


If I got the money and finances

I would completely

Go for an MA

I always yearned further studies

But life is a teacher


It doesn’t stop

Until we reach

What we are born to do




dear everyone

ive been trying real hard to stay adrift. most days i feel somewhat blank and unspoken. i talk to strangers i forget. but i never remember not to be kind. thank you for the kind souls ive met in the year. the days may be most unpleasant but the comeback overrides the setbacks

i know one day will come

that i rise

thank you for letting me speak to my one and only college crush

and also for all the beauty and art i always see and appreciate

day by day

may all the glory be to god

he is the only healer giver protector and sole refuge

he is our strength

thank you

much love.

Happy lace


February is love 

I’ve suddenly decided its time to make changes and keep things going by letting go of past mistakes and agendas like

Regretting something you did

On how and why:              today is a gift, keep it as a blessing and be grateful for the good that happens because you never know when may be your last days here on earth . .

Entertaining anxious thoughts

On how and why:          Disorders like anxiety or insomnia vastly apprehends our inner consciousness / keep in mind that some things like bad days or hourly nightmares dont last very long ;


A New Beginning Awaits You !

(magic magic, love lots) ++

– The Fire Must Keep Going ,

Love .