Living my life alone has had its ups and downs. I always craved the love of my parents since I never really had the time to be there for myself. All my life I had been a shut in. Starting from school. It has always been hard. Growing up was never easy. Sometimes I wish I were still a kid. I dunno where will I find people who will acknowledge and love me the way I want to be loved. But then there are also moments that defines us …simply acknowledging our existence here on earth is enough. Why worry about problems or people out there we cannot please no matter what amount of time we placed on self improvement our brains have shed so many skeletons, I wondered how can one manage to balance intuition and gut, but I do know my self worth lies in all the accomplishments that helped define me as an individual, because it has not been easy trying to love others, finding your voice in a critical world, seeking harsh truths that yield on our personal growth, experience, courage, losing heart is the very worst. If all else fails, at least, you can pause and say cheers. You have been made an even stronger version of you, overthinking or being normal. Isn’t it all quite the same.

I loveyou.

Why do we love others more than ourselves?

Is it because we feel warmth or crave connection from other soul more similar to ours or is it the nature of love


How do you know if someone loves u


How do you know if you love (not like#) someone!?  ??? Why am I 24 and still getting messed up confused on things like this.


Is there really a FOREVER ??

True love?


Why is our generation too choosy, or very much in love with different people


Or, too much too soon .


Whatever happened to being one together,