Dear sales

May I always forgive people and accept rejection. May I always accept the past and the mistakes I have been making. Thank you for trusting me the magic of new beginnings,thanks sa mga taong naniniwala pa sakin and salamat sa lahat nang nagawa nang Lord kapit lang at mararating din.

Thanks for making me wake up consistently na nang 8am kasi di ko akalain na maaga na ko nagigising.

Pasasalamat sa mga taong tunay na may pakialam sakin.

Yung mga they took their way to greet me pa sa New Year.

Salamat at may gift din ako galing sa Ninang ko nung End nang 2018.

It means a lot really.

The magic of waking up to a peaceful place.

My condo. My year.

Anything I want to be.

Help me.

Thanks, 125 followers.

If it weren’t for you,

I might have given up





just around the corner

so like yestuhday i took my insurance exam like a pro __ um

i really didn’t study much so i quite predicted to say sorry i failed the test since it has 50 items and the mock exams were quite difficult to understand……


a miracle happened, all my sleepless nights worrying turned out real mighty fine as i took the exam around 15 min since computerized and time limit and all and you gotta have a username

mine was st.chan@acevariable


i had a great time last oct 24 -25 since

i went to the gym then was able to buy at kevins toy store 100 php real cool collectible toys probably from clash of clans

they also sell ninja turtle

pero mejo hype

kaya i went with the unique quirky cool ones

check my ig they’re there.


the next morning as always unable to have a sleep cycle i basically ordered yet another mcdonalds delivery but this time it was the best as it arrived no sooner than ten minutes and the two piece chix was so delish like uhhhm

then i grab then arrived at un ave…

didn’t know

what to expect

i hate exams since sales made me dumber people watching…

but ey

i passed oh waw

didn’t breathe

for like fifteen minutes

trauma na ko sa exam

kasi like the last exam sa ortigas training  (they literally have a lot of training) … my seatmate checked my answer wrong when it was right.

tapos ako pag mag check nung sakanya kahit mali spelling check nalang like i just gauged it on his deviance more than the regular academic precision

but he naman on the other hand corrected my super duper minor mistakes like maybe my handwriting was not legible for his understanding.

the worse

was making my right answer wrong to the point i had to ask a random girl seatmate on the left if tama ba yung sagot


i woulda gotten three or like two dumb mistakes lang but i got like around 4.5 or 5 mistakes thanks to him

actually 2 mistakes lang

pero the trainor gio praised me naman

tapos ako lang nakapasok from our so called team sa training room

since my then boss threatened me of salary deduction if i didn’t come


may sakit pa ko non

grabe noh


enough about it

im quite ecstatic napasa ko yung license exam

i was ready to fail pero waw

and btw glorietta 3 and 4 are the best


never ko na appreciate since always manning ako since 2017 sa ayala malls greenbelt and glorietta

di ko alam ano na mangyari sakin

sira yung circadian rhythm ko huhuhuhu

ilang weeks na kong zombie

100 years na

since 2009

nag move out ako dorm na sa college di nakakatulog


sleep is life pa naman

sana naman maging maayos na

tipidera pa kasi sobrang takot ako walang allowance

tapos may client na nag offer nanaman nang job

tama na pls

sobrang dami na kong nakilala this year tbh na gusto ako ihire


dream ko lang naman magkastore na street vibes hay hay buhay

walang pondo

my fashion designer dreams died

but i still doodle.

dunno about ma though

mediyo mahal

hirap na magaral pag nagtatrabaho ka na

unless kaya mo ibalance

ok thanks bye

sorry for the rant

im so tired the whole motherfucking year

met tons of people


i hope i get my voice heard

this time

up to the next years


Hi loves.

I dunno why you let people touch your stuff. Not just people. Commoners. I dunno why.

I am so sad and nostalgic these days. I miss my boss and my life in Ayala.

I dunno what path is there for me.

At least, I have real friends

And people who truly care.

Kaya hayaan mo na family mo,

Lakarin mo nalang landas mo.

Wala ka na rin naman mababago.

Grew up from the ground.

Still in the ground.

Why kaya


Mess life


My current life still aint fixed. The stress of the holiday season is making me more restless and sleep deprived. With the coming of the new year, I still get no clue as to how the year after this would turn over.

Likewise good news I was able to give my brothers decent presents! Am happy to have gone to the mall via bus with enough visible injuries to say the least about going in the extra mile for some holiday cheer.

Our beagle at home still whines constantly about being locked up.. It’s quite saddening to have gone home last year looking at this new pup.

Good feelings aside, I still don’t know what to wish for this Christmas. Oh Santa baby, please sing me to sleep! My beloved sheets take me home…

On the otherside, I noticed I have been pretty generous lately. My brother told me I gave too much fare to the pedicab driver because I was amuse how hardworking he was. I always get by observing persevering people. It is an admirable trait. Really seriously.

To rock the season, can I say how I have not been eating properly???

Like, really!

It’s been years since I last had an adventure, hoping for one that is non-life threating if you ask me..


To close, I just want to say how life will always surprise you. In the ups and downs or the tumultuous drive it may take us, there are those times where we either keep our head up or continue on being ourselves.