dear sherr

thank you for everything.

i rarely say thanks to myself,

always conscious of what other people might think of me,

always pretending im better off alone,

always trying hard to defend myself from people or nasty b*tches trying hard to fall over by bringing me down

but you know what

probably giving a sh*t is what most gets a person to danger.

the best way to heal is to ignore negativity and accept murphy’s law

the best way to solve problems is to do something that will change your future each day.

time goes thru

everyone should start to re-evaluate themselves

know their inner strength

build castles and fortress


by knowing what is truly


what do you live for

become happiness

own your truths

leave stress and the rest

stay put

speak your voice

handle situations calmly

grace effort gratitude

beyond limits

aim taker

game changer




no matter what situation you are in, you can always choose to be positive and happy. channel your inner energy into positive vibrations and let karma do the rest.

i had a gr88 day today @ cash and carry makati

my favourite mall none the usual

i hope i reach my dreams

have 100 follows

forgive and forget

focus on


my worth

my growth

the things i do everyday

the decisions i make

fast forward time


all if not



the wind just drifts by