Ride Or Die


One thing I know

Money traces back to the purchaser and their history

We can never undo our mistakes

But we can always

Own our history

Materialism will never amount to the sacrifices we made to keep our lives sacred away from the leagues

Far away the sun rises

We have to keep up

With the times


Hype beast

Sometimes, I wonder

If it is worth the pain and risk to endure all the attacks, cruelty, stares, glares, stars, signs, almighty power of the world.

To not give a fuck

Is like removing your heart

That constantly pumps sorrows of veins and oxygenated blood

I wonderScreenshot_20181203-042521



so i have secretly accepted that there are many many things places people situations pain suffering etc in the world i cannot change

i cannot change where i come from

i cannot change the past

i cannot

undo forget all the reality that is happening

and the people around me

but what i can change is myself

my regrowth

my beginning

my disposition in life


my metamorphosis