To making wise decisions having integrity possessing humility being a good and calm person and knowing your limits setting boundaries and going towards the flow,

Making sure that God is the only thing on earth you can Trust. The only peace in life that will give you peace and silence amidst the noise and the empty convos, the materialism and sins

Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.


That’s ghandi for you.




Black and green.

We are tired of hurting. “                                                                                                                  

Listen to the season call the somersaults of summer ; love drones in like doves building ground above the skies that kiss and scream toward the blue bridges that glisten like magic ; snow as white as if not winds iron the turnabouts where kings once live. .

Sea turtles drift the ocean away ; beautiful ducks stranded by the lake —   don’t live to