Holly Hills


Dear shebangerz

Is the world fucking ending??

images (19).jpeg


I don’t fuckin


Who I am




It’s like I did everything for sales.

Got dumped

Got caught plenty times.


I even chased after my enemies

Like high school bullies

Or my kind aunt whom might not like me or something

I am doing everything.

To my moms bestie whom she ranted off all my goddamn flaws

To clients who make you hope again

Feels like Im going on a birthday suit and drinking my espresso having no gun to shoot myself.

Cheers to staying in sales.


Speak out.


Lately you will realize life is one blank page and nobody can ever really understand you and your life  how your soul works or your mind


Someday you will know that it is better to love yourself and listen to people genuinely to discern yourself than to give yourself full to another.

Make you change, don’t dwell too much and spark something that will count one day in the future. Stop relying on others to tell you how it’s like. Tell the world how you want your life to be. Behold, this is the new.

People change.

They say u never really know a person until u spent ur entire life around them  some can truly change while others          change but most of the time they are still the same.

Dont build your life around people and others because once youve invested everything including your entire heart around them


And one day they break you like glass and you stand like a doormat


Gasping, waiting and suffocating yourself  for answers that go beyond deep words and phases


Just like that


In the blink of an eye.

I loveyou.

Why do we love others more than ourselves?

Is it because we feel warmth or crave connection from other soul more similar to ours or is it the nature of love


How do you know if someone loves u


How do you know if you love (not like#) someone!?  ??? Why am I 24 and still getting messed up confused on things like this.


Is there really a FOREVER ??

True love?


Why is our generation too choosy, or very much in love with different people


Or, too much too soon .


Whatever happened to being one together,