Mop to the top

Life is good.

If people cqnt be nice to u  be the kind person, if people think ur someone hu is not capable of love

Stay away

100Today afte r years of debating 

On whether i git out if mah condo.

I finally

Got out! 

…Will always pride myself as a soaring fly without limists eagle where everything at stake revolves around but nothing is against me.

I got the power to trump the forces that filled me up with so much emptiness, drained energy, identity loss, crises, trauma etc



dear loveds thanks for always being there for me even though im a perfectly flawed and imperfect being that keeps on changing and spinning around like crazy wherein i have zero friends and fucks to give this fuckin new year since sometimes when i do become alone which is all the time i feel so lonely but i catch myself and always count my blessing

I think at 26 i have grown enough adulthood swag that the swag lowd have mercy on me and my hatred on : lloyd cervantes, hazel dee and jeoff racelis. They hurt me too much like hell

I miss alveo and their culture to the point i wasn’t culture shocked at all

I fear change the most but that is all we always need to move forward

I have come freed from the motherfuckin world

I miss being 22

I miss being thrown to the depths of Taiwan

Not knowing a thing about the universe or the world itself

Just leaving the world of the academe without much merit or recognition

Was truly, deeply hellish

but then again we are the choices that we make.

Last year was a sitch

i can’t believe i got hired like cray 2 days after my birthday

when nobody came and i spent a dime tryna think i could have fun

I will always miss my boss in alveo

The only boss

Next to dior

i know my blog is hoarish but pls bear with me

i have hurt myself Too deeply last year

am quite afraid

But the new will always be new

And we







…no yosi pls sherry

Tama na sa mga taong nakaraan.

Btw facebook stopped me from liking posts again…

more like blocked me.


…God knows everything.

look alive


dear loves,

i havent gone home in a really long time

thanks to the likers whom inspire me

you probably dont know

but i always thank heavens

for people like you

its hard to trust strangers in the outside world


you just have to take the leap

im glad i always find rest

in this blog

amazing likers

im a flawed human

but at least i fight and get it done

you know

its been really cold

but i always tell myself its gonna get better

left all my so called friends

ive been tied up in sales since april 2017

dunno why

am i here.


all ive been doing is keeping my head above water.


that was the tune i sang last team building when i was still in my,former employer.

most high class managers there told me



daw ako





ng allowance

no parental guidance since 17

dormed na in college

echos echos aside

ive been in my condo for a year and 3 months

ive loved every bit of it

and i was the very first

to live here in this building


thank you so much.


tomorrow i might lose my job


but ya know


it will be worth it.


thank you guys so much.

love y’all 😝🏅


tut mer leid


dearest people of wordpress

i have decided to stop updating my ig stories

nobody follows me on ig anyway *wink

and um i can probably spend more time reading the political plight of our world today

fyi in high school i was awarded best reader

i read a lot in elementary and high school but college came

and i never knew i would have to be a lazy reader


now as an adult im really terrifyingly lazy to pick up a book and finish it

sorry for bookworms

im just really such a skimmer




awhile ago

i signed a new contract

lol akala mo record label ang dating amp


new contract like um towards a new …

job ?

am actually not afraid to get kicked out of ortigas

would probably be sad to leave royalton imperium and maven

but um

got to git extra cash ya know

im like 26 and life has not been very good since 22

when I was 21 I was hot sexy and chix

like got A’s from Laurel Fantauzzo (is this the correct spelling)


and then fully realized

I was a born writer.

the story, THIS


will never end

until I get a gist of the write path


btw i hate being racisized

or being called quiet

i was surprised my current boss always shhs the hell outta me

yesterday was the day that felt 100 years

i had like 15 guests headcount

sa ayala sobra dami na yun noh

sa ortigas di nila kinacount per head

so accredited lang is

8 guests


pero ya know

first time ako sinabihan nang manager ko na “good job for today !”

in this professional text

i was like, nyaha


pinuri din


i miss my no. 1 boss in the world

you know him


hay anyways away from the awkwardness

i feel like im getting fatter

i miss my german

ya know

like um

libangan ko sa buhay is timezone

and magaling talaga ko, mag hoard

mag shopping ganun

like talaga choosy ako chos



namiss ko na nga mag ukay sa baguio


bumili ako relo kanina longines

tama ba spelling ahaha

so anyway im starting to drift by

sana matupad lahat ng pangarap ko

and first time ko nakita si lloyd cervantes




usually binabara ako nun huhu

pero oks lang

IBA parin ian casem vertex

pero tapos na un


move on na sherry





by the way

nabasa ko pala


dapat no. 1 self promoter mo is you daw

dgaf daw sa iba

pake mu tingin nila sayu

lalo na mga tsismis na yan


ayy di naman totoo





sabi sa youtube (sorry being an agent makes me dumber than usual haha)

dapat inaaccept rejections daw


lalo na sa sales

o diba ms alveo won that sa answer niya




Its okay

its okay not to be okay

no amount of time will be surmountable

to the moments drift by

and speaksies songs and music played multiple


the poetry between the lines

chill music hideout

burn out

we break through ,

i will be there


Too many things


So heres Whiz Khalifa in Saint Laurent.

Tomorrow I dunno what to expect

I just learned to drown the noise in

From things that get too much on my head

That literally

I just wanna scream

Where is my sale


I dont even pine for a boyfriend

But I always remember the books that got me by high school;

the books in class academically

Assigned to us


The A’s I never pretended I could get whatever I aimed for


The movie, “The First Time”.

the guy in college I thought,

I actually like.



The many, many haunted things and specified images that haunt my head

the decisions I am making,


the laundry lady who was witty and pretty

who told me I am young to be 26

— tomorrow.


It suddenly rained tonight.



the universe is weeping for my age

@ 25 got not much– money friends family feelings,



How do you drown those noises unwanted

those people who are assholes


Those people who actually are so selfish and don’t care enough that

you invited them

asking who is on the guest list

asking if they can leave early.



So why bother going ???