Last night

I dreamed of climbing trees with a boy.


Crossing the threshold,

                Both hands hung on.

There is no going back to the bruises and stronghold of trees to climb and memories that hung by . . Till next timeimg_20170227_173131


Past Reflection

i went to the town of Jioufen in the mid-afternoon of november, climbed uphill into the steep steps and prayed to the temple close by. 

an old Japanese man spoke to me as the guides kept warning about being careful, going down.. 

*** *** *** 

such lovely, quaint town of birds and wildflowers, of bustling trade and crowded buyers- in the midst of narrow streets, bright-landscapes, teeming smells and noises;

I hear a soft tune of melody from one of the mystical stores

   inside my heart it knows,


_ of mountain peaks, ghost-led towns
  and winding paths