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the weight of living

hey all ive been searching wildly the answers to my goddamn problems like why did I enter sales and how come I got to encounter my past and why is love so hurting 

i realized to like never chase boys, friend or something deeper since the weight really sinks in 

and cut

ties esp people from the past who cannot ever see you for you or like treat you the way you deserve to be treated

this aint high school, elementary, or a jungle motherfuckers. 

the real world is surely tough, but not tough enough to scar us with bad sad and harrowing memories

we deserve to be a light to others and before having that kind of platitude we ought to receive bountiful light first from above

never ever look back and regret

always be grateful 

let the gate open 

and the animals rage rage more

look up

see the stars and the future 

will befall on you




Or a restless leaf, a footprint.

Is fault on a blameless day,

scrawled on a washed-out sky.


My friend’s music orbits his home,

worms through the cracks

in the bluest lines, ever new


and permanent, staining even his hope

long after the lights stutter away.

And the rain’s attenuated sorrows?


They’re coming, he says. Like goats

through a fence. Like lava. Like tomorrow.


Copyright 2017 Robert Okaji


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So they tell me to be strong and not break my heart in rage and anger, but im afraid they forgot humans house their hearts in rib cages and contract when provoked, open and closed they go/

What do you say to peoples broken hearts? Should they just erase feelings and pretend their hearts don’t erode when hurt or left behind

Do we still have hearts then ? #queenbeesdonthaveto

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