Why not?


Let me get this straight.

You are alone in this world, so very alone that strangers become permanent places you would visit and likely encounter day to day… Should you feel indifferent about the causalities which led to your aloneness? Or do you give in and feel sorry your circumstances led you in such unforgivable state?

The answer lies within you. The happiness that you seek, after all cannot be found in the midst of externalities.

What makes you shine through or become better and happier is from the choosing to be happy or brighter.

In this world many people will leave us and hurt our souls.

It is inevitable to regret sharing parts of ourselves, deepest forms of our character to them who will just lie around and make our minds hurt of despair and confusion.

The thing is, it is very hard to forgive and forget. When the incidents are gone the terrible memories remain. Those demons we face on our own are remnants of how we battled some scars in dealing with people and problems.

Again it is not very easy to forget. Much more forgive people who never bothered apologizing, feeling the bit remorseful or showing a little humility along the way.

But guess what? It’s their problem. Not ours to bear or carry. So whatever you are holding through, I salute you for being brave.

Not everyone can smile in darkness or laugh while hurting. The best ones do.

Love, keep smiling.