Close to me.


My life has been pretty significant since the prologue of 2019.

I had struggled basically, paying bills c/o last year’s demise and pretty much been over my head for the longest time being.

Out of reach are the people supposed to carve by my life, called, “family”, absurd and vague they might be, physically drained and tied down to the notion that “all things happen”

Things change, but those who have found the Lord Almighty, will always rejoice.


I always wondered how it was for people to do things

People did for them

And it never occured to me now how I always had to do everything on my own

It had been both a weakness and a strength, and it was such a shame how some people cannot see the real me

But you know, never mind how life has treated you,

Do some good for yourself, and the rest will follow.




Dear 122 followers

You never know how much you make my holidays happy

I didn’ t celebrate Christmas and the New Years thru all the hurt I have received

I tried wrapping excellent gifts for others but got none so much in return

I always always wished I had a foster fam but now that I am an adult, I just have to continue on my 18 year old dream to become independent.

I don’ t ever want to brag but at 26 I feel like I have soared enough skies to heal my broken wings and rise again

I can’t wait for the movie “Dark Phoenix”as I myself have struggled over many opportunities in the past that didn’t push thru due to parental or home reasons

Am glad to have my Makati condo since June 2017 and my real world existence to be in peace

Even though this year I got run over by a tric

I am extremely hugely grateful for all my blessings

I may not have gotten gifts

But my self love is quite enough to pull myself through