As the last 30 days of staying 24 loop towards me, I want to say thank you to all people who have made me special and cared for, in some ways rather- where I never knew kindhearted souls exist for when youre broken, depressed or too strung up tied of letting go .

The times when you just want to punch and kick the ass of the entire world for not agreeing you, or hurl your significant other dead monologues just to get back at him for running .

Or that time when you kissed someone

but realised none of it count .

Or whenever you fail to sleep thinking about the future, screwing up pasts and downsizing the present moment.

Here is to you,

For being a strong girl, for fighter that you are, inner beautiful as ever with a white dazzling pure as a feathered heart .

Here is to you who always cried in the middle of the night

with no one watching . .

Heres to you who braved and fought so many battles,

Lost all but won everything . .

Heres to you, goddess  May you have the strength to let go – – LET GO

Of all the demons you have undone

All the faces you’ve passed by.

All the moments, freezing them one by one.


Let it all out














Or rather,